The Real F Word

Forgiveness may sound lame but it is the key to moving forward in life.

Crystals Can Help with Anything!

Working with crystals has helped me live more joyfully, gratefully, abundantly, and even infused my wardrobe with more colors!

Claim Your Manifesting Power!

The thoughts and the words that construct our reality define what we are willing to believe and what we are willing to let into our lives.

Keeping a Dream Journal

How often do you remember your dreams? Last Friday, my husband had a very vivid dream and the next night I had a very vivid dream! I attribute part of those recalls to the Himalayan Salt Lamp I left on most of the day in our room for two days in a row. It is…

Quick Description of a Reiki Session

I often start giving reiki by placing my hands gently on the crown of the client’s head and slowly move around the client’s body as I am intuitively guided.