A Love Note to my Two Month Old

I am enjoying every minute with you. I love giving you hundreds of what I like to call rapid fire angel kisses…

Simple Divine Guidance

Though divine guidance can seem simple and small to start out with by listening we opened the door to more divine guidance.

Make Time for Fun and Unlock your Potential!

I had one client tell me that for two days after a reiki session he was completely free of pain! If you were someone with chronic pain, would you want the key to unlock living pain-free? I would say “yes!” and I hope you would too, that is why I want to teach you.

Relaxing into the Beauty of Nature

Spending an extended amount of time with my family presented opportunities to release painful memories and events that no longer serve our highest purposes. When I do this, I pray to keep the lesson learned, if it is right that I should do so, but release the trauma.

A few moments of Zen

Here is a short video I took in while hiking in Tennessee July 9, 2016. I am so grateful for the untamed beauty of nature! Listen to the sounds of the water! Also, check out our YouTube Channel! See this video by clicking here.