Willing to Change

“You Can Heal Your Life” is a powerful book.

What is it like to give reiki?

The sensation of giving reiki varies from practitioner to practitioner. Read about a couple of Eva Borho’s experiences of channeling reiki.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki is learned when a Reiki practitioner takes the level two class. I always smile when I think about distance reiki. Since distance reiki can be sent to any time, any place, any situation, any person, any event, and anything else you can think of – our imagination is the only limit! Everyone can…

Gratitude for Reiki and Moving Forward

As I did my yoga practice this morning, I prayed to God in gratitude. I thought of all the changes doing yoga and meditation daily had brought to my life. I started doing yoga from PBS last August and also from the website doyogawithme.com. I┬ástarted taking┬ámy afternoon breaks at work to do a 10 minute…