Being Open to Healing Light

The more Eva Borho talks about the benefits of reiki, the more questions she gets about “What is reiki?”

Bringing Positive Changes!

Changing the subconscious mind can bring about positive changes. Positive affirmations when said with regularity can help you shift you into a more positive mindset and help you manifest the life of your dreams…

Healing Accepted

In spiritual truth, we are already totally and completely healed. Indeed, we are only revealing what is already there: the divinity that we already are as creations of God. You may not think that is true for yourself or others, but we are all indeed divine creations. People may not be acting in a way…

Opening to Abundance

Receiving reiki can help you to become more open to receiving abundance in your life! Read this story and affirm “Abundance now!”

What is it like to give reiki?

The sensation of giving reiki varies from practitioner to practitioner. Read about a couple of Eva Borho’s experiences of channeling reiki.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki is learned when a Reiki practitioner takes the level two class. I always smile when I think about distance reiki. Since distance reiki can be sent to any time, any place, any situation, any person, any event, and anything else you can think of – our imagination is the only limit! Everyone can…