Being Patient for Diving Timing

I just had to wait for the divine timing of it all to unfold.

Being an Empath

Being an Empath is a gift, but you must take excellent care of your self to lead a balanced life.

Secrets, Secrets are No Fun!

“I don’t know what I am like, but I am not like Fort Knox.” He replied without missing a beat, “You are like WikiLeaks.”

Trust your dreams and take that leap!

On a single-track trail, sometimes you have to step off the path for a bit to let something or someone pass by and though it might seem inconvenient at the time – it is necessary to temporarily get off the path to still stay moving forward on the same path.

Claim Your Manifesting Power!

The thoughts and the words that construct our reality define what we are willing to believe and what we are willing to let into our lives.