Everything is Permitted.

Did I make the “right” decision? Is there such a thing as one “right” decision?

Blissfulness and Love!

Tonight, I had a Craniosacral Therapy session and I practically walked out of there on a cloud. I felt blissful. The whole time I was receiving treatment, I was seeing violet so I know I was connecting to the divine. The session was lovely. I loved feeling blissful and that feeling made me ponder about…

Filled with Kindness!

I hope that when you are having a day when you are feeling a bit down that you will see the world show you the goodness and love that surround you.

Move Forward Fearlessly!

I first read the phrase “Move Forward Fearlessly” on a Doreen Virtue card many years ago. I was having a difficult time then and I know God was reaching out to me through any possible means. When I thought about to make a huge shift from being a person working in an office into living…

Being Open to Receiving

Eva Borho talks about how being open to receiving can help you tap into an endless stream of energy.