The Real F Word

Forgiveness may sound lame but it is the key to moving forward in life.

You are Precious and Unique

When we can see every person as precious and unique, we can more easily forgive people for not acting like we think they “should” have.

Just Do It!

When someone says, “Just Do It” you might think the next words that follow are “Nike”. In this case, I am referring to forgiveness! I know it might seem dull or you might be thinking, “I don’t have anyone to forgive”, but everyone has at least one person or event to forgive. You might even…

More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes, things can be frustrating and you might get upset with yourself or others. You might be thinking, “They could have done better” or “I could have done better.” In spiritual truth, we are always just doing the best we can at that time and with the information we have available. Last week, I spent…

Claim Your Manifesting Power!

The thoughts and the words that construct our reality define what we are willing to believe and what we are willing to let into our lives.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki is learned when a Reiki practitioner takes the level two class. I always smile when I think about distance reiki. Since distance reiki can be sent to any time, any place, any situation, any person, any event, and anything else you can think of – our imagination is the only limit! Everyone can…

Gratitude for Reiki and Moving Forward

As I did my yoga practice this morning, I prayed to God in gratitude. I thought of all the changes doing yoga and meditation daily had brought to my life. I started doing yoga from PBS last August and also from the website I┬ástarted taking┬ámy afternoon breaks at work to do a 10 minute…