Love Note to my 13 month old!

Gavin, Time is just flying! I am amazed with how smart you are and I am grateful to be your mom. You are so thoughtful, kind, sweet, tidy, pensive, silly, and so much more. I love your laugh. I love that you love to snuggle. Sometimes, you just want to be held most the day….

Love Note to my 11 Month old!

Dear Gavin, I am holding you in my arms as I am writing this letter. You are so precious. I use your nap times for meditation and reading mostly. Reading the bible every day and listening to the study video has been very time consuming. As you get older and have a sibling or more,…

A Love Note to my Nine Month Old

(This is being posted four weeks late, but it was written on time using my phone. Gavin is more mobile so I make less time to sit at the computer to post.) Gavin, To kick off you officially turning 9 months, God decided to give the planet a blood moon and lunar eclipse. You are so…

My Love Note to my Eight Month Old!

Gavin, You have the best laugh. Sometimes, when you start laughing, it is so cute that I laugh. My laughter makes you laugh more and then I laugh more. It is a beautiful circle. Little unexpected things can make you laugh. Often when I practice yoga, you spend time in your jumperoo or rolling around…

The Real F Word

Forgiveness may sound lame but it is the key to moving forward in life.