Love Note to my 13 month old!


Time is just flying! I am amazed with how smart you are and I am grateful to be your mom. You are so thoughtful, kind, sweet, tidy, pensive, silly, and so much more. I love your laugh. I love that you love to snuggle. Sometimes, you just want to be held most the day. Sometimes, you are so independent and play by yourself for a hour or more. You are also great imagining. Your grandma texted me a gluten-free vegan recipe for cookies. As I read the recipe with you in my lap, you smacked your lips then smiled at me.


One day we were at Auntie Liza’s house. Since we weren’t home, we were using disposable diapers instead of cloth. You picked the used diaper up, walked from the family room all the way to the kitchen to throw it out. You are such a great helper! I haven’t ever even asked you to do that. I was impressed and grateful.


People love to tell me how calm you are. One family friend with 4 children of her own told me you were “the best baby” and I know it is because you are so sweet. At your cousin’s 6th birthday party, you were walking around visiting with different people. You also learned your version of some Fortnite dancing from your cousins. You swing you arms to dance “the floss” and your preciousness makes me smile. You love to spend time with our family and friends. Fortunately, you get to see your grandma and Auntie almost every week. I am grateful they live so close by!


You started potty training… or so we thought! You use the sign for toilet, but at this point you like to pee in the tub more than on the actual toilet. Of course, you would like each pee to be followed by a bath. Little Scorpio, I know you are a water sign so baths are and will be important to you. It is important to embrace who you are. Sometimes, I let you stay in the tub for 30 minutes or until your fingers and toes are like prunes. Sometimes, you only want a short bath. I appreciate how decisive you are. You soon gave up communicating when you needed to go to the bathroom so we will try again when you are really ready. You are precious. I pray all people know that they are precious to their parents.

You are walking and getting faster all the time. You are a very good listener and appreciate good manners. If I ask, “will you please come to the nursery?” You are more likely to do it faster than if I don’t say please. You also like to say “Thank you” using ASL. You were Iron Man for Halloween and went Trick-or-Treating with your cousins! You are such a joy to be around. You drew with crayons for the first time. You can still fit in the Ergobaby. One morning you just really needed to be held and I wanted to tidy up a bit. I wore you while I painted a bit and did dishes.

We love you and are glad to be your parents!


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