Love Note to my 1 year old!


This month started off with another tooth working its way through. On September 27th, your father, Nathan, noticed the white spot on your lower jaw where a tooth is trying to come up from the gums. I hold you often because I realize your body is pushing bone through flesh. I might like some extra cuddles in that case. You are very stoic though. In no time, that tooth popped through followed by your second tooth on your lower jaw.

On September 30th, we started the day at church. Afterward, we cleaned up the house a bit, I got a shower, and made lunch to take to the Cincinnati Reiki Day potluck. From 12:30 to 2, I was at the potluck. From 2 to 5, I practiced reiki and listened to reiki presenters. You and your dad went to Cabela’s. There are lots of dead stuffed animals there so he knows it is not my favorite place to go. He also took you to Kroger then you all took a two hour nap together. I am glad you are in good hands. After I came home, we all went to your Auntie Liza’s house. After her first week at her new job, I thought it would be nice to catch up.
You slept on my lap on October 1st! I was on the phone with your Auntie Liza and I thought you might be hungry so I pulled you onto my lap to give you a bottle. In no time, your eyes started to close. I was enjoying listening to Liza so I just held you until she had to take another call. I nursed you on both sides. You are so tall, but I supported you the best I could. That morning like many mornings, we started with breakfast, we brushed our teeth, got dressed, then went on a walk. I feel like spending time in nature reminds us of our interconnectedness.
The next week we introduced mangos. I am not going to lie, I forgot to give them to you on Monday and Tuesday morning. We finally ate them at Wednesday’s lunch. I didn’t want to put it off another day. You had a couple bites then waved me off with your version of the “All done” sign. It’s not the mangos really, you just seem to want whole foods – not purees. I bought these jars a month ago so I was hoping to use them.
What you do love is peanut butter! I had been feeding you fruits, veggies, and from my plate. When I gave you peanut butter (10/5), it may have been a full week since you had any. After each spoonful, you grabbed my face and gave me a kiss! Your dad was there and I told him, I had never had peanut butter kisses before. I just had to smile. Sometimes, if you are “too busy” to want to sit in your highchair for very long then I leave an apple on the end table for you. When you get interested, I stop what I am doing (chores or yoga) and help you eat it. You love apples and bananas.
When we had our week of mangos, we ended up being under the weather that weekend. We ate Chipotle, afterward you threw up and I felt sick to my stomach. We both felt queasy and you were teething so we didn’t try any new foods that week. The week after you tried vegan cheese with rice.
This month has really been an explosion of baby sign language. I didn’t write down a lot of exact dates, but you have started signing “food”, “wait”, “wash hands” among others. Just the other day (10/20), we were looking out the backdoor at a deer. I said the word “deer” and did the ASL sign for it. You did the sign then said “deer” too! I was so excited to heard your voice. The week before when Grandma left from her visit, after her car was out of sight you waved and said “bye.” You are so pleasant to be around. A few weeks ago, we visited your Auntie Liza at her house. She held you and you did the sign for “more” then pointed up the stairs. We went upstairs since Liza wanted to show me some updates she had made anyway. Once we got upstairs, you did the “more’ sign again. I realized the “more” you were asking for was your cousins. We explained to you that they were at school. We thought that was so sweet of you.
We have enjoyed the weather and take walks outside everyday. I have taken a break from yoga recently after an injury, but I would like to get back into it. I am doing better everyday. You and your dad are very patient with me.
The day right before your birthday (10/26) was the first day you walked. You had pulled yourself up using the gate between the dining room and kitchen. I was sitting in a chair at the end of the dining room table. I was holding a piece of Carrot Cake from Larabar to you. I was just wanting you to follow me out of the kitchen, I didn’t expect for you to walk over! You threw your body forward from the gate and took three steps into my arms. I caught you and you claimed your price. As you chewed the bit of Larabar, I squealed with delight saying “you did it baby! You took your first steps by yourself.” The smile on your face was indescribable. I could feel you were pleased and confident, as if saying, “yep, it all went according to plan.” The next day when we went to your Auntie Liza’s house, Grandma Susan asked to see you walk. She crouched down next to the chair you were cruising on and without hesitation, you let go and took two steps into her waiting arms.
We love you so much,

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