Love Note to my 11 Month old!

Dear Gavin,

I am holding you in my arms as I am writing this letter. You are so precious. I use your nap times for meditation and reading mostly. Reading the bible every day and listening to the study video has been very time consuming. As you get older and have a sibling or more, I figure we will be busier. Just like almost anything you really want to achieve in life, the best time to start is now even if it is baby steps. Out of curiosity, I wanted to read the bible so I will be done with it by the end of the year.

At the beginning of your 10th month (August 27th), your third tooth broke through! The tooth was your first front tooth, one the left. That week we took some walks outside like we normally do, your grandma Susan visited, and I talked on the phone with Liza while I did chores. While I do chores like cooking or cleaning, you are content to play nearby. Some mornings you turn on the XBOX One console as a way of asking to watch Baby Signing Time. In general, you are a peaceful, but powerful little dude.
On September 3rd, your Auntie Liza and Uncle Richard hosted a Labor day get together. You loved seeing everyone and confidently made your way around the rooms. You are really cruising and pulling yourself up using all surfaces. On September 7th, you reached the window sills and edges of the dining room table! That meant I had to move all the books and crystals from the window sill quickly! While I put those away and dusted, that was when you tried to pull something from the dining room table!
On September 9th, something interesting happened at church. Your cousin banged his head on the pew. I gave him reiki over his heart area by resting my hand between his shoulder blades. He rested his head on the pew in front of us while I did it. Afterward, he told me when he looked at you, your face was glowing. The idea made me think of Moses when he comes down from Mount Sinai. I know when I went to receive reiki, the Reiki Master told me, I was shining bright like a lighthouse as a result from all the inner work I have done. I hope to teach you about the benefits of meditation and reiki. I also look forward to learning more from you too.
On September 10th, you signed the Baby Sign for “Sleep”! You had bern playing in front of the mirror and all over the living room and dining room. You play so well by yourself sometimes. You had been playing under and around the dining room table, when you pulled yourself up using my calf. Your dad and I had been playing Connect 4 at the table. I pulled you up to sit in my lap and that was when you signed, “Sleep”. I readied myself for sleep and Nathan readied you for sleep at the same time. I snuggled with you and in a very short time, you were asleep. We don’t really have a “set” bed time for you, but that is because the timing and length of your naps can vary largely.
We went to lunch at Aladdin’s with Grandma Susan and Auntie Liza on September 11th. You enjoyed some of my Mujadara Power Salad and played with a woman at another table. You were all smiles so she could hardly resist your sweetness. One of the games you like to play is one your dad taught you about a month ago were you lean to one side and them the other. The other person mirrors or leads the movement. You are so pleasant to be around. Grandma Susan said if the most I have to do is hold you at night to have such a pleasant baby then it is worth it. I do feel like we have a secure attachment. Even if the answer is “no” or “not for Gavin”, you know I would comfort you if you want/need it. You don’t really like to be corrected. Sometimes, you take it personally so I do comfort you.Sometimes, you look completely unphased as if saying “that sounds like your problem.” I don’t smile, but I do think that reaction from you is funny. I know I was probably the same way. You are very persistent when you want to do or explore something. You are also extremely strong. What you can pick up and move would surprise others. My mom called me Bam-Bam (from the Flintstones) when I was little. You are just as strong. After lunch that Tuesday, Grandma Susan was so generous as to buy your 2T fall clothing. The weather was just starting to get cold. Speaking of cold, you don’t like to have any sort of blanket on when you sleep. No blanket is safest, but even if I put it on your legs while you are napping and I am right next to you wide awake, you will kick it off.
On September 13th, your fourth tooth popped through. We could really see the white through the gums. I prayed for it to break through soon. You teethed on one of the living room’s end tables. The bitting action caused you to fall backwards in what seemed like shock. Your bite seemed to break through the gums the last bit. You bled for a couple minutes and I held you while you cried. After a couple minutes of your crying, I was sure that was the only reason you were bleeding. I offered nursing and you nursed to calm down for a couple minutes. In no time, you popped off and twisted off my lap ready to play again. You are resilient.
On September 16th, we went to the Cincinnati Comic Expo! I planned on obtaining an autograph from LeVar Burton. There were so many great actors and it seemed like most of the autographs were $50 each. My game plan was to just get one from LeVar. We had walked around for a while and I was holding you in the ring sling. I was holding you, but right before I got Levar’s autograph Nathan insisted on holding you so I “could be present in the moment.” That was helpful because I checked my phone for the first time in an hour or two. I noticed a reply from your aunt saying she would love to receive an autograph for Christmas. I quickly got out more money to buy one for her too. Your dad being the caring person he is also insisted that I get a selfie with LeVar too. I hope you have a partner someday that helps push you to do the things you really want to do. Part of me thought a picture was silly. Did I really need to spend $30 on a selfie with LeVar? I still wanted one but I didn’t say anything extra about it. Nathan pointed out that the autograph and selfie combo was discounted at $70. I took him up on the suggestion. LeVar signed a Reading Rainbow picture for your Auntie Liza and a Star Trek one for me. Afterward, when his assistant when to take the picture, Levar pointed to you saying “Who is this?” He proceeded to invite you and Nathan into the picture. Nathan handed you to me but was hesitant at first to be in the picture himself. LeVar asked for Nathan’s name, gave him a fist bump, and then waved him over saying, “come on” in such a friendly way. After the picture, LeVar told me “I can’t get over how calm he is” referring to you. I told LeVar “we do lots of reiki and meditation.” He replied, “Aah. You’re an energy junkie.” I thanked him for the picture. I also told him, “I wanted to tell you how great you are. I practiced what I was going to say while I did the laundry but then I cried so… you’re great.” He was super humble. There are not many stars I would be awestruck about, but LeVar is one of them. I watched him on Reading Rainbow and Star Trek growing up. I will show you his shows once you are older.
(I’ll add a picture of LeVar and us as soon as I can get it from my phone)
On Tuesday September 18th, after your nap, we went to lunch with Grandma Susan at Chuy’s. You were really dancing in your highchair to the music and enjoying your guacamole. You love to dance and shake your shoulders back and forth. You have danced everyday since! While we were at Chuy’s, you made friends with a whole family at the table next to us and another lady one table over. That family played peek-a-boo and made silly faces with you. I appreciate how friendly you are.
The rest of the 18th we went to Kroger, the neighbors visited for a bit, then you napped. Even though Grandma Susan had gone home during your nap, she came bacK later. We all drove to IKEA for mattress shopping. Your dad was out of town that so Grandma heed you get ready for bed then tucked us in. We were an absolute joy, the whole day.
On September 22nd, you spent Saturday evening with your cousins. Auntie Liza and Uncle Richard watched you while your father and I went to a wedding. Evidently, you had a great evening with your cousins. I stayed in text message contact with your Auntie and she sent me pictures. I love spending time with your dad, but it was weird to be away from you. Spending time with you has definitely become my new normal. We left the wedding after the cake cutting so we could get back to pick you up at 9:30ish. Fortunately, you had taken a second nap at Liza’s house so you were still awake and in good spirits when we picked you up. When you get sleepy, sometimes you take your thumb or thumb and pointer and tap yourself on the side of the forehead like you are trying to stay awake. That’s what you were doing a little before we picked you up according to your Auntie. Your cousin Bennett did that when he was little too.
This month you ate a mix of things we had already introduced plus a new thing every week. First, you had a week of jarred peaches. You ate them but I gave you a couple fresh ones the following week and you liked those better. The second week you ate kiwi. The third week, you had gf vegan pizza with us! I made everything without salt. The vegan “sausage” was a mixture of walnuts, mushroom, gf flour, agave nectar, and Italian spices. I gave you the mushroom mix and cashew cream topping from the pizza throughout the week. The last week of your 10th month, you had grapes!
The last few days of the month, you have been working on teething again. On September 26th, I took you to the library. Afterward, I felt compelled to talk our picture. I don’t normally, but I just felt like I had to do it. Once I looked at the pictures, I was struck with how much your look like a little man. You are lengthening out. I can hardly snap closed your 24 month rompers. I know it is all part of God’s plan, but it feels like you are growing up so quickly!
Mom AKA Eva Borho

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