Love Note to my 10 Month Old!


Dear Gavin,
This past month started out with a bang because you were teething! You are such a stotic baby and still such a sweetie. You were in the process of two teeth coming in on your upper gums. Not the two front teeth people might think, but the two outside of those. I believe it was an answered prayer for me. Honestly, since we still breastfeed, I was concerned about being bitten. Sometimes, you nip me with your gums and it is painful. It is difficult to be upset, because you always give me the sweetest smile as if you were saying, “I am all done. I sealed it so the milk will stop.” It is rare that you do it, but it always seems intentional on your part as if you are saying, “Seriously, I am done. Don’t offer me any more bottle or breastmilk.” I will have to be mindful so I am not bitten. I love you!
     Also at the beginning of this last month (7/31), I took you grocery shopping while you were teething. You were a champion the whole trip. I wore you in the Ergobaby carrier instead of sitting you in the cart. I figured it would be good since you were feeling tender. When I started to put you in the car seat, I sang the song I made up a while ago. The lyrics are “Who’s a good baby? Who’s a good baby? Gavin’s a good baby!” I sang “Who’s a good baby? Who’s a good baby?” then paused to click your car seat harness together. In that short pause, you whispered “Gabin”. I instantly started crying tears of joy. I told you, I loved you and that you were right because Gavin is a good baby! I am glad you seem able to differentiate between happy tears and sad tears. Once when you heard a child cry in public, you looked to me for an explanation with concern. I am now in the habit to consistently leaning down to whisper to you the probable cause as to why another child is crying. This eliminates your concern and helps you understand if someone is hurt, overly tired or being dramatic because they didn’t get there way. You are such a great listener.
The next day after you whispered “Gabin” (8/1), you pulled yourself up in your crib! You had been looking like you wanted to pull yourself up some times when we would be at home or Aunt Liza’s house. You have been grabbing at your Great Grandpa Perry’s green chair when you were at your auntie’s house. I know Perry is smiling down on us from heaven and cheering you on. You probably finally pulled yourself up because there was no one hovering over you trying to make sure you didn’t hit your head on any hardwood. You were just playing in your crib. I was sitting on the edge of the glider folding cloth diapers. I looked up just in time to see you pull yourself up. Since the crib was on the highest setting, we have since moved it down. The crib is really more of a playpen than bed. We still co-sleep and you are sleeping for longer stretches sometimes. The idea of you sleeping alone seems to stress both of us so I don’t think it is worth bothering with yet. You still nurse so it is convenient too. I wrap my arms around you and you don’t move around too much. Every once in a while you wake up in the middle of the night and sit straight up. Sometimes, I have been awake meditating or listening to an audiobook so I have seen you bolt upright first hand. You are practicing sitting up in your sleep undoubtedly. You are growing up so quickly! You are still just my sweet little baby though. I hold you as much as I can.
Since you are growing very quickly some may not call you little, but you are to me. You are wearing 24 month rompers. I have already bought some 3T shirts in preparation. 24 months is the end of rompers. You will wear a shirt with pants but it seems so grown up for a baby. I tried putting you in a shirt and shorts a couple months ago. You seemed fine, but I didn’t like how tight the pants need to be so they didn’t slide off.
You are such an interesting mix of laid back and wild. You love to pound your heels on the hardwood floor, on the crib wall, on the glass bookcase doors and the pack ‘n’ play mesh walls. Sometimes you roar and other times you quietly play with toys for an hour so I can cook or clean. You are great at communicating your needs. When you need me I drop every because I know you are bonding not just with me, but with the whole human race for this first year. I want you to feel loved unconditionally. Life will have challenges and you might make mistakes. You might feel like you failed at some point, but not all experiments turn out like way a scientist plans. We must be the unattached observer and be compassionate to ourselves and others. We are aways doing the best we can.
Anyway, like the brave little dude you are you also pulled yourself up using the couch and your dad was there to see (8/2). Like many weeks, you Grandma Susan came over and we walked. The next week we went to the pool with your Auntie Liza and cousins. Since it was the last full week before they went back to school, we wanted to maximize our time together. You love your cousins and you love the pool! On August 7th, your second tooth popped through. You are such a trooper when it comes to your teeth. Also, on August 12th, you blew your first raspberry.
As for food this month, you started with a week of Apples and Butternut Squash combo, then an Apples and Pumpkin combo. When we finally saw the doctor for your 9 months check up, she recommended starting peanut butter and strawberries along with other common allergens. The next week we started Peanut butter and you *love* peanut butter! The following week you enjoyed strawberries. My favorite food time memory was when you grabbed the peanut butter spoon the first time. You hands were coated in it, but you clearly wanted to play with it in your hands. I quickly but lovely grabbed your wrists before you could smear it anywhere. With the towel out of reach, the most effect thing that came to mind was licking your hands so I did. The laughter that came out of your mouth was precious. You laughed the whole time which I was grateful for. I didn’t want you to feel punished for your curiosity, but I also didn’t want to clean up peanut butter from everywhere. The next few days you seemed to grab the spoon each time you were done eating with a look saying, “let’s play, mom”. I licked your hands again and again. Each time laughter peeled out from your lips and a huge smile covered your face. Those are the moment that make being a stay-at-home mom special. I remind your father that raising you is my job. The chores I do while we are home are just a perk for the family. If I could I would hire a maid and a chef so I could spent more time hanging out with you though. Your smiles break up the day into pleasant bits of time.
On August 13th, I noted that you had been trying to say the colors when you pick out your clothing! The next day you said “Hey!” a lot! The was also the day my car wouldn’t start after our shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. Fortunately, your Auntie came to the rescue and pick us (and our groceries) up. On August 15th, you started crawling with one knee and one feet on the floor.
On August 18th, you stayed home with your dad while I went to my cousin’s bridal shower. That was the longest stretch of time I had been away from you so far. You were fine because you love your papa so much. You did “manly things” according to your dad such as shopping at Home Depot for home improvement supplies and gardening.
On August 20th, you said “wet” multiple times to Grandma Susan while holding a wet wipe. On August 22nd, you had your first bleeding boo-boo. The morning air was cool so I opened the door to let fresh air and fresh chi into the house. The half screen door was locked so I was confident you could sit in the gentle  sunshine where you had crawled to. You played in the mirror. You were sitting with your feet round the front door. You then opened the front door wider onto your left foot. That’s when you cried out. I ran over and scooped you up. We washed it with soap and water. When your Auntie Liza came over that day. You kept pointing out your foot to her. Being a mom of three, she was in education mode and would reply, “Yes, that is your foot.” I told her what happened to your foot and she replied, that is what he must have been trying to show me.
I can tell you have so much going on in your mind. You love when we play. On August 23rd, we went to dinner at your cousin’s house for her birthday. You love to see them play. Just that same morning when you and I were playing you zerberted me. Your dad says zerberts aren’t a thing, but they are and you did it. On August 25th, you pointed with intention. I can’t remember the first thing you pointed at but you pointed at a lot of things that day!
Thanks for being our baby. I pray prayer of gratitude for you everyday. I am so glad to spend this precious time with you. Your father and I love you more than words can describe.
Mom AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and Spiritual Teacher

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