A Love Note to my Nine Month Old

(This is being posted four weeks late, but it was written on time using my phone. Gavin is more mobile so I make less time to sit at the computer to post.)


To kick off you officially turning 9 months, God decided to give the planet a blood moon and lunar eclipse. You are so loved!
In the last month, you tried some new things. In regards to food, you ate a week’s worth of an Apple, Raspberry & Avocado combination; Bananas; Sweet Corn & Green Beans combination; and Apricots. You also tried a couple other things like steamed broccoli since we tried mixed in a little Baby Lead Solids philosophy. You enjoyed eating tiny chunks of food. The avocado combination was not your favorite but you like avocado in guacamole. I am not entirely sure if you just dislike Apricots or if you ate less because you started teething the last bit of the month. I believe it was a combination of both. You liked bananas. Your dad doesn’t like them so I suspect he was hoping you could dislike bananas together. I am sure you will other – more important – things in common. Bananas are more cost effective than jar food so I appreciate them. Each time I mashed a banana up with formula, you enjoyed them. I enjoy helping eat some of the bananas before they turn too brown. You loved the Sweet Corn & Green Beans combination! It is good. The green beans alone don’t taste great in jar form. Your soy formula has corn in it and you have done well when we supplement. Knowing that, we took the leap to the combination.
Honestly, this last month felt like a blur! Everyday we had adventures so much so that I didn’t always record them in my agenda. We spent a lot of time at your Auntie Liza’s house. You love watching your cousins play. Almost every time we were at their house, we would get on the swings. You love to go so high! Your cousin Vesper is so strong and worked to push us high every time. Others helped push us too, but she really goes all out. We have such a loving and thoughtful family.
You have some great milestones this past month. On July 4th, you achieved a bit of your our independence by sitting up from a laying position! On July 12th, you went from a crawling position to a sitting position. On July 13th, you took off your bib to signify you were done eating. On July 15th, you clapped for the first time and you clapped a lot that day!

You have also had some firsts with baby sign language. On July 16, your father left town in the morning. When I was feeding you breakfast on July 18, you pointedly said “da-da” and used the sign for father. After signing and saying that you put your palms up as if you were asking “where?” I don’t know if that is ASL for any but I use it with you sometimes when I ask where or when. It was the first time you used the sign for “father” and our sign for where. The question what so sweet, I called your father right away and left a voicemail. I cried at how sweet and smart you are. I told you your dad was away on a business trip. Nathan called back quickly and I put him on speakerphone so you could hear his voice. You smiles and lit up when you heard Nathan’s voice.

Another signing milestones was so cute. I didn’t write down an exact date, but I am pretty sure it was the last week or second to last week, when you started to use the sign “Yay!” When I feed you, I would sign and say “all done” then “yay!” Be as efficient as you are, you cut to the chase and just sign “Yay!” I love your personality. You are so sweet and have a good sense of humor. You are also a bit wild. One of your favorite activities is to kick your feet on your crib wall, the bookcase doors, anything we put in front of your feet. You even like to put your feet in the picture some times. You are such a joy to be around.
This month you also fell asleep while I was feeding your jarred sweet potatoes! Talk about going from 60 to zero! I quickly got ready for bed and held you. We still sleep in the same bed, but since you still nurse, it is easiest. I like knowing you are safe and you like to be held. It is a cultural norm in other countries. Since I am of sound mind and body, I feel you are safe sleeping next to me. Each parent must make that call for themselves.
This month you also rode in the shopping cart for the first time! I forgot the Ergo Carrier at home. We enjoyed the trips to Target and Kroger. You were so good about the new experience. We used the stroller this past month a bit more to give my back some rest. You don’t love the stroller we have, but you do like going outside. Some walks we did a combination of starting in the stroller and then being held. You are so sweet and such a great communicator. We love you so much! Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. Things aren’t always easy, but being with you makes it worth it.
AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master

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