My Love Note to my Eight Month Old!



You have the best laugh. Sometimes, when you start laughing, it is so cute that I laugh. My laughter makes you laugh more and then I laugh more. It is a beautiful circle. Little unexpected things can make you laugh. Often when I practice yoga, you spend time in your jumperoo or rolling around on the floor. One time, I was practicing downward dog. I guess I could subconsciously feel you watching me. I looked at you in your jumperoo mid-pose and you laughed so hard. I wish I could have captured it on film.

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When we visited Tell City, Indiana for your Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary you were making yourself laugh. Not to mention, you were loving spending time with our family. We spent a lot of time outside because that is your preference. One time in particular your cousins Shelby, Jackson, and Mikayla were dancing for you and you were in heaven. When they would stop, you would do the sign for “more” and they would lovingly oblige you. You love dancing! I try to remember to dance in front of the mirror with you everyday. At the anniversary celebration, you danced with your cousins, mostly Shelby took responsibility for keeping you on the dance floor. When the slow songs started, Nathan and I danced with you and Shelby. Eventually, Shelby got her mom on the dance floor so it was just the three of us dancing together. When the song your father and I danced to at our wedding came on, I cried. My heart was so full of love. It was and is beautiful to see how much our lives have changed in the last three years. You being here Gavin has been the biggest blessings of all.
I love spending time with you. You are such an angel. I know part of the reason I have spent the last few years honing my intuition was so I could stay connected with God and take care of you as best as I can. I will never forget how when I had my guardian angel portrait drawn, the artist commented that she had never drawn a guardian angel holding a baby before. I know being a mom is very important to why I am here. I am looking forward to meeting your siblings someday, God willing. I love watching your hair turn curly! It reminds me you are a child of God.

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Sometimes, I cry because I love you so much. I am so grateful to be a stay-at-home mom especially because you are growing quickly! Last month you were in 12 month clothing but this month you have been in mostly 18 month clothing. When I needed to do laundry, sometimes I would still squeeze you into the 12 month clothing. A week or two ago, I went to put you in a 12 month romper and it was so tight around you. I had the really work to get your arms in and it wouldn’t snap. I had to laugh and apologize for squeezing you in there. We are fortunate to have your auntie and grandma live so close by so they can remind me of things like how much you have grown!
I love your sense of wonder. Yesterday we went to Target. By the time we left the store, the rain was coming down in huge drops. An elderly lady offered us an umbrella to borrow, but I wanted to see how we could do without it. I like the feel of rain on my skin. I thought you might enjoy it too. I thanked the woman for the offer and we took off. I walked slowly because I learned years ago that running in the rain was not really worth it. I kissed your head and talked to you while we walked. When we arrived at the car, I took you out of the Ergobaby carrier. The smile on your face was priceless and precious. You didn’t even want to sit back to be buckled into the car seat.


This month we had lots of fun. Your dad came with us to storytime at the library and you were so excited. That was right before our trip to Tell City. One of the sweetest moments was when you fell asleep in your Godfather’s arms. One of the most tangible changes was that you outgrew your baby gym. Now you are too busy rolling around to be content to be on the baby gym mat. I am enjoying every moment with you.
AKA Eva Borho

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