A Love Note to My Seven Month Old!

Dear Gavin,

You are precious. As I am writing this on my phone, you are napping in my arms. I am not going to lie, the house could be cleaner. What I know is that you are growing so fast that I want to hold you while you sleep. Chores can wait. This past Wednesday, we saw two 13 month old babies, as you were as big or bigger than them. You have grown so long in such a short amount of time.


This past month, you have started eating baby food from jars. When you were 5 months and a couple weeks, I gave you rice cereal. On 4/28, I asked your Grandma Borho if she would like the honor of giving you your first baby food from a jar. She gave you sweet potatoes. I loved the idea since your Borho grandparents often bring the gift of sweet potatoes when they visit. They were in town for the weekend to visit for your Grandma Borho’s birthday and to see you turn six months on 4/27. Since then you have also enjoyed eating apples and prunes.
Among the successes with new food, there were a couple bumps in the road. I gave you peas and honestly, they were not great. I like real peas way better than that jar version. I tasted them after I saw your lack of enthusiasm. They reminded me of a (bitter) split pea soup. Since I already gave them to you, I figured we could continue. I didn’t want to start you on another food right away in case you had a reaction because then I would not know which one it was from. After 3 days, you closed your mouth and shook your head. I was pretty sure what you were saying. I hadn’t really seen you shaken your head that vigorously before. I checked references if a baby could shake their head with the intention of saying no. The answer was yes, you had!
There were so many other milestones this past month including:
-Using flipping as a means of locamotion (May 4, 2018)
-Attending your first butterfly show at Krohn Conservatory (May 5, 2018)
-Keeping the beat of music with your feet (May 7, 2018)
-Grasping toys with toes! (May 7, 2018)
-Shaking your head NO! (May 8, 2018)
-First story time at the library (May 9, 2018)
-Exploring/discovering your tongue (May 10, 2018)
I also tried giving you carrots and they weren’t that great either. I tried my hand at making carrot baby food since the jar version was a bit bitter. Your grandma Susan was here while I tried cooking them. I don’t know if I just didn’t cook them long enough, but they are a no go for now. We will try them when you are older. Real carrots are better than the puree version. I can tell when you like a food because you open your mouth wide and slap the table top of your high chair! I love your personality. You are so sweet, patient, and very playful. My goal is to make you laugh at least once a day. I love your sweet baby laugh.
Sometimes, I get caught up in the idea of “getting things done” that I have to reset my thinking and just be in the present moment with you. That happened one time when I was practicing yoga. I had mentally set the intention that I was going to complete the whole 20 minutes of yoga in one go. I had put you on your baby gym. In no time, I had to laugh because you, my sweet little baby, had rolled yourself on to my yoga mat from your baby gym. I had to laugh but you seemed content just to be on the mat with me as I did my warrior asanas.
I love you so much! You are growing so quickly! Your hair is starting to get long enough that it is curling! Curls make me think about being a child of God. Your eyes are beautiful and slowing in the process of changing. They started a slate blue. From the center of your eyes they are starting to turn brown. The background is still a slate blue though. I love looking into your eyes. You have also discovered your tongue and enjoy sticking it out at your dad and me. Thanks for being my sweetheart. So many people comment that you are such a happy baby. I know you can feel how much your father and I love you. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom with an angel like you.
AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author and Holy Fire Reiki Master
All photos and text are Copywrite Eva Borho 2018 and may not be used without written consent from the author.

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