A Love Note to My Six Month Old Son


Dear Gavin,

I love you more than words can say! This past month has been an adventure. When your dad was asked to travel for business, I asked if we could go too. Instead of flying alone, your dad agreed to drive down with us. We thought about taking a flight together, but none of the times worked. We didn’t want to miss your cousin’s first communion, so we chose to drive. You were a champion. Toward the end of the drive Sunday (4/15), you fussed a little. We simply pulled the car over and took a break to stretch our legs then started driving again. By the time we got to the hotel you were asleep.
Monday, we finished driving to Charleston. We dropped off your dad to get a rental car then you and I unpacked the car then hung out in the hotel room. We all the travel, you just wanted to be held.
Tuesday we went to the Magnolia Plantation Garden. We walked for hours. I told you at one point that if you fell asleep, we would still be at the Garden. You wouldn’t give into the nap though. Later, when we were in the last part of the garden’s path, you fell asleep. Wanting to be true to my word and to let you get a nap, I stood in the Bamboo Garden part of the walk for probably an hour. After you woke up, we walked around a little bit more then left for the hotel.
Wednesday, we went to the SC Aquarium. I am not really a big fan of aquariums for animal rights reasons. We were a little too sun-kissed from the day before though. I thought we should have an indoor activity to rest our pink skin from the sun. Your father and I went to the aquarium seven years ago when he worked for this client the last time. He was in SC for a month so I bought a airplane ticket to see him during my spring break from college. Anyway, you listened intently while I read all the descriptions of the sea creatures. You giggled at how crazy the fish acted at feeding time. Later that evening, you got a fever and green snot poured from your nose. You had a little clear drainage from being outside the day before but it was nothing like this! We figured the clear snot was your body’s reaction to pollen in this different environment. You had never had anything like it before but you were still a happy baby. Wednesday night we thought about taking you to the ER, but we honestly didn’t know where you go since we were out of town. We gave you Tylenol for your fever (your first fever) and we prayed.
We nursed here at the SC Aquarium!
In the morning, you seemed fine. Your fever seemed gone so I took you to the Angel Oak Tree. After we got back to the hotel room, you were fussy. Since you are always very pleasant, I figured you still needed to be seen by a doctor. I called your dad and he sent me a PDF with local care providers from our insurance. I took you to see a doctor, picked up the antibiotics they prescribed, and took to the hotel for the night. The rest of the trip we took it easy. We walked through City Market and  walked on the beach. I dipped your toes in the ocean. The weather was too cool for us to go swimming. I know you will love swimming from the way you play at bath time.
Angel Oak Tree
Lunch after the beach
I just love how you love things. Everything seems so interesting to you. You love music. Not only do I know it, but I feel like your angels are speaking through others to reinforce your love of music. People often tell me how music you love music. I love the sounds you make and /i tell you that you have a beautiful voice. You come from a family that loves to sing and appreciates the many forms music comes in. When your Grandma Susan plays guitar for you, the smile that comes across your face is priceless. You always love when I sing to you and when your dad whistles for you. When we sing in church, you are also making sweet sounds. Normally, when I tell you after the song is over to stop singing, you yield, Sometimes, you just can’t seem to stop your praising of God so we go to the gathering space of the church. Either way, I just love listening to you.
You are very happy. I love the way you give hugs and kisses. Sometimes you are so gentle with the way you glide your hand over my skin. Other times you grab my arm so tightly that I know I must trim your nails. You love being held and I love holding you all the time. You still like to get down and play sometimes. I try to time things well so I practice my yoga or do chores when you want to play. I hold you when you sleep. It gives me time to read, write, meditate, or channel reiki. I go with the flow and you do too. You are very patient. I plan around your schedule and you let me know your needs. We are a great team and I enjoy being your mom. Thanks for being awesome! I know you are angel. I thank God for you every morning and evening.
Mom AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author and Holy Fire Reiki Master
(posted a few weeks late because I am a mom)


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