A Love Note to my 4 Month Old Son


Dear Gavin,

I love you more than words can say. I am excited to spend every minute I can with you! There have been so many changes recently. Your dad will start a new job soon. I will start teaching a course for communiversity starting next week! Through all of it, you have been a sweetheart. We even watched some of the winter Olympics together. Well, your father and I watched some of the Olympics. You mostly played on your baby gym and looked over at us periodically. We like to lay on the floor next to you when you play.
I still hold you while you nap. I love the skin-to-skin time of your head cradled in my arm. You are growing so quickly; I want to be with you as much as possible. You are in 6 to 9 month clothing, but you have almost outgrown them. You outgrew your bassinet recently so the past couple weeks have been interesting for sleeping. We tried to put you in the Rock ‘n’ Play so you could stay in our room. I thought about buying another crib so we could put one in our room. There really isn’t extra space for it. The thought of you sleeping alone in your room made me cry though. This past weekend, we brought a Twin XL mattress set so I can stay close to you through the night until you are older.
Your father and I love you so much! We love holding you in the baby carrier. Some days you don’t mind being set down and other days you want to be held constantly. The carrier helps us hold you for long stretches of time ergonomically. I know the days you want to be held are probably the days you are growing the most. You had your four month shots on Monday. Afterward, you wanted to be held so much I even took you into the bathroom with me. I placed you in the baby tub and you were pleased as can be. The first time I put you in your crib and you cried so hard a tear rolled down your face. After that, I put you in the baby tub. You don’t cry too much because we strive to meet your needs quickly. When you do cry, we know you really need whatever you are asking for.
Overall, I love your smile and hearing the sounds you make. When I play music or put something on tv, you aren’t really interested. If I sing or read to you, your face lights up and you watch my lips move. You also enjoy walking outside and dancing in front of the mirror. You really do like to go outside in all types of weather. I was holding you while I was sitting on the couch last week and you kept leaning toward the front door. Once I stated “Ok, let’s go outside” you smiled so big as if to say, “Finally! You got it!” You are good at tummy time bit you don’t always like it. When you lay on your back, you constantly roll to the side. You first rolled from your stomach to your back on your dad’s birthday. Since January you have not done it much. I believe this is mostly because I kept flipping you over on your stomach. You are so alert and listen to every word we say. Strangers often comment on how alert you are. One time at Aladdin’s another mother commented on it then added “it is the sign of a genius.” Nathan and I smiled and thanked her. We look forward to watching you grow. I love holding you every minute I can.¬†You are loved.
AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach

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