The Real F Word

Forgiveness. Which F word were you thinking of? I know forgiveness sounds lame but stay with me here…

In 2015, I married the love of my life. Before doing that I was on a mission to clear my energy of anything that didn’t serve me. I wanted to enter our marriage with as much baggage cleared out as possible. I did a lot of forgiveness work. I was mostly surprised to learn that even when people think they have consciously forgiven someone, that often it can hang out in your energy field until you truly deal with it. I was also amazed that the healer I worked with had such a strong connection to the divine. I was in awe that without me telling her anything she was able to clearly see and describe moments in my life that required God’s love and light shone on them. The one that made me laugh was I needed to forgive my boyfriend from Pre-School! I mean – Come On! Pre-School! When she described it, I knew it was true. When he moved away (and we had to break up), part of my spirit was upset with him for not taking me with him. Aw, young love knows no bounds.

Some of the forgiveness I thought I did previously was the logical idea of “I should be over this by now”, but my heart was not over it. Part of my energy was still invested and wounded over certain events. When I would talk about any of the events there was an emotional charge. Is there something that still makes you sad, angry, or disgusted? In spiritual truth, it is not what someone did to you, but how long it takes you to call your spirit back from that event. We learn from each encounter. When we go through something traumatic a piece of a piece of our soul can splinter off. By choosing to forgive the event, yourself, and the other person, you call back that part of your spirit. By truly forgiving, you are freeing yourself.

If you don’t know where to start with forgiveness, check out the forgiveness ceremony from my post: 2 Ways to Let Go of Old Relationships. Also, check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s book: “Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life” to learn more about forgiveness by returning to love. Forgiveness can burn up any old attachments in your energy field. Who can you forgive today? If you can’t think of anyone start with the person in the mirror. How often do you beat yourself up for a “missed opportunity” or the “wrong choice”? You are right where you need to be at this time so forgive yourself. May you feel peace wash over you. If you catch yourself in a negative thought about a traumatic event or the people involved, you can start with some affirmations from Louise Hay such as “I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I am doing with the eyes of love. I see others and what they are doing with the eyes of love.”

Eva Borho, Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Spiritual and Life Coach


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  1. Jim says:

    I remember your preschool boyfriend had a cute nickname for you. Love you


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