Push Each Other Higher

Who can you lean on when you are in need? For me, my sister and I exchange free therapy over the phones. We dissect the potential spiritual meanings behind circumstances and how to improve situations. Sometimes, we just simply pray for each other and surrender the situation to a higher power. My friends and family help me in this way too. When you have someone that can help hold up you and support your vision for the future, you will get farther. This vision can be as powerful as your life mission or as little as being treated well by strangers on the street. Everything is in your vibration.

If you are thinking about who you can lean on and you’re not sure who the answer is then I would tell you to look in the mirror! Ultimately, you are in charge of your everyday life. Sure, we co-create with the divine and other individuals but the choice of how you feel it’s up to you. Even if the day seems like it might be difficult you can choose to have a good outlook about it. Even in the most difficult situations you can take a higher perspective and see it as a strength building exercise. What will you do with the strength that is given to you? How can you help push other people higher?
You can see what you are going through like an artist chiseling away marble to reveal the work of beauty within. What do you want to find? What do you want to see? Embrace every part of yourself and the journey will go more smoothly. A piece of marble doesn’t hate its “imperfections” and I wouldn’t recommend wasting time hating your own “imperfections”. Everything we reveal about ourselves is an opportunity for learning. I talked to someone about how I love that my baby inherited my ears. The person I talked to was insecure about her own ears. I didn’t bring up ears to make her insecure about her own. I didn’t explain it to her at the time, but I wanted my baby to inherit my ears because I have my Grandpa Perry’s ears. I loved my Grandpa Perry. I love that when I kiss my baby’s ears, I will have an opportunity to think about my Grandpa in heaven. What if my Grandpa had thought of his own ears as imperfect? He would not have known in his Earthly life how much they could mean to someone else. I am sure he knows now that he is in spirit. What imperfections can you start loving about yourself now?
Building strength and loving your imperfections can help you move higher!
Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach

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