Birthday Love from the Universe

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. 32 rotations around the sun! What I am grateful for is the son sleeping in my arms. Lots of experienced moms keepĀ  recommending putting him down when he naps. In my experience so far, he wakes within minutes of being set down. Currently, his father and I are his favorite napping surfaces. Two days ago marks 11 weeks since this angel’s birth. I know some day I will might have to set him down. Someday, he will outgrow my lap but for now this is perfect for us.

While some mom’s may not long for being under a sleeping baby, I have found many great ways to pass the time. If my cell phone is within reach, I am clicks away from the rest of the world via the internet. I have games on my phone, reading articles about child development, or drafting a blog. Since I am a bookworm, I have also spent a lot of time reading “I Can See Clearly Now” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This year I have also started reading “The One Year Bible” with the New Living Translation. I have also found time to write in my journal! When nothing is in reach, it is a great time for prayer and meditation. Since buying an Ergo Baby Carrier, I have also started having daily dance parties (AKA my son in the carrier while I dance enough for the both of us). Today I danced until the baby fell asleep.
I do want to remind everyone that the Universe is constantly sending love! All of the ways I passed the time are like the Universe and I passing love notes. I also got a couple extra love notes yesterday on my birthday. I love celebrating my birthday. My husband on the other hand doesn’t like to make a big deal do his birthday. Fortunately, his birthday is close to mine so I can make sure I plan enough celebrations for the both of us! This year was had a modest celebration. My mother babysat our son while we saw the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The movie was hilarious! My husband said he was not sure he had heard me laugh that much in such a short amount of time. I definitely felt like the universe was filling up my love cup.
Upon returning home, I noticed a colorful bit of litter in our backyard. Since the yard was beautifully blanketed in bright white snow the color popped out. I was too curious what it was do I had to investigate. The color was a mostly filled mylar balloon with the word, “Congrats!” I thanked God for this love note. When we went inside I told my mom about it then added “The only thing that would have been better is if it said ‘Happy Birthday!'” She told me this was just as good as if God was saying, “Congrats you have made it this far.” When was the last time you received a love note from the Universe?
Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Writer, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Spiritual Coaching and Teacher

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