A Love Note to my Two Month Old

My love,

Yesterday you were two months old. I started writing this letter to you yesterday while you napped, but your dad was under the weather so I didn’t have a chance to finish it in the evening. Anyway, I love you so much! I am enjoying every minute with you. I love giving you hundreds of what I like to call rapid fire angel kisses. You are so sweet and such a great communicator. I am so grateful we found out about the Dunstan baby language DVD at the library before you arrived. I just kept affirming that I spoke “baby” and prayed I would easily be able to know what each cry meant and how to take care of you. Since I have an idea of what you need a lot of the guess work was and is eliminated. You are such an excellent communicator not only with your cries, but with your cooing and facial expressions. I really appreciate that about you.
Just the other day your grandma Susan was saying that you’re really getting a personality. Perhaps because we spend so much time together I’ve seen your personality all along. You’re an excellent listener for starters. Once I interpret what your crying means I can tell you something such as, “I understand you are hungry. I will make you a bottle” or I might ask you if you liked nurse. Either way you understand me right away and you stop crying because you know I will help meet your need. I call you my zen master. You are so calm, but you express your needs when you need to do so. When we are out in public people are constantly telling me that you are an angel and I know that’s true. One intuitive healer told me – completely unsolicited -that you would be a peaceful and powerful leader. I don’t know how you will serve or who you will serve, but I know you will make an excellent leader. I will do my best to help you be confident in your abilities yet remain grateful and humble.
In so many ways you have captured my heart and your father’s heart. I love seeing the look of adoration on your father’s face when he holds you while you sleep. I also love to see the two of you interact after he has changed your diaper. He gets such sweet smiles and coos from you as he plays a game with you or tickles your belly. One weekend morning a few weeks ago, you and I were in the nursery. We were quietly rocking in the glider and letting your Dad sleep in an hour or more. When Nathan woke up, he came in the room and spoke with me. We decided he should go make breakfast for himself and I would stay with you until he was finished eating. When Nathan went to leave the room, he stood in the doorway and waved to you. You raised your arm and waved back. His heart was so captured that instead of leaving the nursery as planned, he came back into the room and sat on the glider’s ottoman. He talked with you for a bit and squeezed your hand. Watching the whole exchange made my heart sing.
I didn’t know how seeing other people love you would make me so happy. I pray you can always appreciate the love which surrounds you. Even if you are physically alone, you are surrounded by love and your angels. I will do my best to help you understand how divine love is always within you and surrounds you. We may not be perfect, but you do come from a loving family. When I was holding you by the Christmas tree, Grandma Borho shared “you already received your Christmas present” referring to you. Grandpa Borho corrected her saying, “a gift for the whole family.” Grandma Borho corrected him saying “a gift for the whole world.” The whole exchange made me smile.
Not only do the humans in our lives love you, so do the creatures. Part of our daily routine is to stay in the nursery for a lot of the morning. You love looking out the windows. The front window has a great view into a large bush where many birds visit. The window over the dresser and changing pad looks out to the numerous trees in our neighbor’s front yard. There are so many birds that fly in front of the window and from branch to branch as if they are visiting just for you. Yesterday afternoon when you took your nap, Freya our white and orange cat laid partial on you then moved to spoon next to you. She used to lay against my belly when I was pregnant with you. I believe she is trying to visit with you again but we have to work on your fine motor control so you can pet her gently. When I take your hand and stroke it against her, you smile. The cat seemed to like it too. I believe she likes to feel included in our snugglefests.
I do love snuggling with you and looking into your enchanting eyes. Right now your eyes are such a deep blue they are almost gray depending on the light. Around your iris is a lighter gray color almost white. I don’t know what color you will end up with so I want you to know how beautiful they are right now. You are growing up so quickly. We are already starting to use 3-6 month clothing. You spend most of your naps sleep-nursing. We will see how much you weight when we take you to the doctor tomorrow, but I can tell you are pure muscle.
Not only is your body growing but your mind is growing too! I know you understand what we are saying. When your dad noticed you had fuzz in your hands a few weeks ago, he asked right away if I was washing your hands at bathtime. I confessed I was doing my best but you would normally make a fist when I would try to wash them. The next bath time when I asked you to open your hands so I could clean them and your dad would think I was doing a good job, you opened them right away. You are so helpful and considerate.
As I write this letter to you, you are sleeping chest to chest on me. I am honored and pleased to be your mother. Thank you for gracing our home with your cooing and sweet smiles. I love seeing your thoughtful contenance as you process new information. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I look forward to learning more about you as you learn and grow.
AKA Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach and Teacher
P.S. Your Dad and I would like to thank you for starting to sleep through the night at 5-6 weeks. Also, you have started drooling and chewing on your left hand the pat couple days. We are excitedly waiting for your first tooth! Even though it may be months away, we know something is shifting right now.
P.P.S. I love you!!!
Eva Borho – Copyright 2017
All rights reserved.

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