Your Own Strength Would Surprise You

What would you think if I told you some things in your life have to be challenging because you are so strong? It’s true. Your own strength would surprise you. For some people, their strength has not been questioned so the inner well is untapped. Some people are already well aware of their strength. Some people might feel like they are “just getting by” but they are stronger than they know.

Some situations are training grounds for bringing out your strength and helping your colors shine. The past couple weeks I have seen a recent example of this in my own life. Just like me when I was a baby, my son has a strong latch and suck for breastfeeding. My own mother was not able to breastfeed me because of this strong suck. I was determined to breastfeed my son and kept at it until things felt better. Since I had a breast reduction years ago, I don’t have a full milk supply. As a result, we supplement with formula. Since we are trying to breastfeed, the lactation consultant recommended using slow flow nipples on the bottles of formula. Recently, we tried to go from the slow flow nipples to a level 1 nipple for the baby bottles. After giving the baby time for some adjustment, we decided to go back to the slow flow nipple for the time being. My son has such a strong suck that he drank his bottle too quickly. Sometimes, he would even cough on how much he had drawn into his mouth. I could see this parallel with our own life lessons. Some people have so much inner strength that their life lessons have to be more challenging.

If some of your life lessons were easy, you would be done too quickly and you would grow bored while doing them. You could also think of this idea as similar to those who play video games. At the beginning of a game, the player can pick the difficulty level. With some games, the more difficult level you choose the more benefits you have the opportunity to win. This is a double-edged sword because since it’s more challenging a person could just lose in a more epic way. I have faith in your ability to overcome any challenge though. Which life lessons do you think you choose to learn? What difficulty level do you think you choose for each lesson?

If you ever have difficulty understanding what someone else is going through, it may be because you are working on a completely different life lesson. Some people come to Earth for lessons in faith, trust, and wisdom among many others. Even people who selected the same soul lesson can learn the subject very differently. Be open to where life is taking you. Sometimes, the “obstacle” is what keeps you on the path. Embrace your challenges because they are indeed part of your lesson. In the same way, know… or learn what does belong to your journey and let it go. May you have inner peace and tap your inner strength as you walk you path.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Coach and Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


Little hands, but they are strong!

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