You Have More Power Than You Think!

First of all, I just want to say sorry for the gap in my posting but I have a good reason! My son was born after midnight on October 27th. My water broke around 4am in the morning on October 26th. I had contractions starting at 10 minutes apart then 7 minutes then down to 5 minutes. In the morning, I was not sure how quickly things would progress so I told my husband he could go to work to tie up any loose ends. When he left for work at 6:30am, I was still only at 10 minutes apart. By 10am, I told him to leave work to meet us at the hospital. Around 9am, my mom arrived at my house after getting off night shift. My sister and close friend came over around 9:30am. They helped time my contractions and get last minute things together so we could meet my husband at the hospital.

Being checked into L & D so we could meet our son!

The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I was trying to keep in contact with my mom, my sister, my husband, the doctor’s office, and my doula team. Trying to keep everyone updated while I tried to do things around the house was a bit much during contractions. Who needs to throw a load of laundry before going into the hospital? Me! I was hoping to wear one of my favorite maternity dresses to get checked into the hospital and pack the other to wear home. I ended up forgetting to flip the laundry early enough so I went to the hospital in another dress. I did make a point to throw the load in the dryer though because no one wants to knowingly let their clothes mildew in the washer for days.

Welcome, baby!!!

The birth itself was intense, but fantastic. The whole time my son’s vitals looked great so I knew I was on the right track. That is where the idea of people having more power than they think comes from. You might not feel like you can do something, but you have more power than you can image when you put your heart into it. To prepare for birthing, I had taken a hypnobirthing course, read some articles and books. I have studied mindfulness in many forms over the last few years. I was determined to have a natural birth and I did! I know there is always an overarching divine plan at work, but I prayed for a natural birth with a healthy baby and a healthy mom. I hoped for the best. I hoped that my dream was in alignment with God’s plan. I did a lot of research. I did a lot of reiki. I did a lot of tapping/EFT about any mental baggage I might have had around birth. I prepped as well as I could, but feared it might not be enough. To combat that, I did more tapping to clear that fear too!

Skin to skin is so important!

You are more supported than you realize. In every moment, you are completely surrounded by your angels, guides, and other spiritual helpers such as departed loved ones. Since God is omnipresent, I know God is in every cell of my being. If you share the same belief, then you can know he is in every cell of your being too. I often just have to get my own mental clutter out of the way to surrender to God and the present moment. We all have a reservoir of strength. For some people, it goes untapped. Knowing it is there can make all the difference though. During my birthing experience I was tapping into my reservoir of strength and asking my support team to do the same. By the end of the birth, my mother, my sister, and my husband were all tired. They had helped massage parts of me at various times. They had brought me lots of water and cool washcloths throughout. They showed their patience, love, and support as I tried to listen to my body as I changed positions I labored in. I didn’t think I would labor on my back, but that was the last position I landed in. My support team even held my legs in between pushing so I could save my strength. My mother read affirmations to me. While pushing, my sister reminded me to draw my strength from the center of the earth. That might not mean anything to some people, but it reminded me to be grounded in my body and draw up strength like a tree with roots to the core of the earth. My husband intuitively knew how he could be of the most help and was by my side the entire time.

20171027_080616-2 - Copy
Look at this sweet face! I am in love! 🙂

Tapping into the wellspring of your inner strength can be easier than you thought. Just by knowing it is there, you are one step ahead. I used deep breathing to tap into my inner reservoir. I did require assistance to remember to breath deeply sometimes. My doula, Jenn, was such a strong calming and healing presence. When I would be experiencing the intensity of a contraction (or surge as they call it in hypnobirthing), she would remind me to take deep breaths and relax my shoulders. Sometimes, she would say it verbally. Other times, she would simply touch the tops of my shoulders or breathe deeply herself loud enough for me to hear as a reminder. One of the breathing mantras I used to help tap into my reservoir of strength was “Sat Nam”. The saying is something I first used about in yoga meaning “True Self”. I could not say it while I was deep breathing but I did think it. I thought of “Sat” on the inhale and “Nam” on the exhale. To me, I was making space to connect with my highest self and God. By affirming this mantra, you help to clear away all the mental clutter and connect more deeply with the divine.

20171027_122550 - Copy

When you call on the divine, be ready for an answer! When I would use the mantra “Sat Nam”, I would have uncontrollable shaking afterward. I had heard of them happening but experiencing it was another thing. My doula assured me they were hormones shifting in my body. I knew they could also be a physical manifestation of my spiritual release to resistance. I also said “Jesus” a few times. I did clarify for my support in the room that I was asking for Jesus’ help, not taking his name in vain. My mom told me during the laboring that I was doing quite well. She was an L&D nurse for years so she had experience in this area commenting, “Not a lot of women are making jokes while they are in labor.” I told her humor is how I cope. She replied, “I know. I just want you to know you are doing well.”

20171029_104052 - Copy
Baby burrito!

We are always doing our best. I believe my mom’s comment was a response to me say “I am doing my best” or “Sorry, I am doing my best”. Sometimes, it felt a bit ridiculous to suggest one thing start doing it then completely want to try something new. Those are the times I would tack on the word “sorry”. I had to listen to my body and when I knew something was not working there was no point on continuing. The principle is the same with other areas of life. If you know something is not working, try something new even if it seems ridiculous to change directions so quickly. When have you changed directions? When have you tapped into your inner strength reservoir? When have you felt supported by loved ones? When have you felt supported by the divine? Tell us in the comment below or send me a message.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master

My husband and our son at the pediatrician’s office for the first check up!

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  1. Morgan Reed says:

    Yay!! Congratulations! 😊❤

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  2. Congratulations, you look so happy, I wish you happiness always, your little bundle of joy, is truly beautiful ❤

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