What is the Meaning of This?!

Have you every woken up and thought, “Wow, that was a strange dream”? When we sleep at night, we process the events of the day through our dreams. When I had a dream last night about frogs I knew it was because before bed I had thought about how my baby was kicking his legs inside my womb like a frog! For me that dream had been pretty straightforward. Some other dreams I have dreamed have been cryptic and strange. Some have been strangely colorful and vivid like memories! I have had prophetic dreams and I have had lucid dreams. Have you every had a lucid dream? With this kind of dream, you are or become aware that you are in the middle of a dream. Sometimes, I can exert control over what happens in the dream. Sometimes, I am only an observer of something I must learn. When I am only observing I am still able to ask questions and have them answered by who I can only assume is a dream guide. I don’t ever see anyone answering my questions during these observations, but the answers are always loving, kind, and wise.

When we are lucid dreaming, we can have profound spiritual healing and learn lessons. We can use our sleep to grow – mentally, physically, and spiritually. For years, I didn’t remember my dreams at all. I realized I had been affirming to myself and others, “I never remember my dreams.” What we affirm, positively or negatively, really does matter. Once I realized I had been sabotaging remembering my dreams with that affirmation, I started saying, “It is easy for me to remember my dreams.” I started saying that a lot and I would wake up with too much to write down! I knew not all of those dreams were important spiritual lessons and it was a bit overwhelming. I revised my affirmation to “I remember the dreams that are important to me and have a deeper meaning.”

If you are not one to remember your dreams, you can start to remember your dreams by keeping a dream journal. In a full night’s rest, we typically have 5 REM sleep cycles which means we have 5 opportunities for lucid dreaming to take place. I have woken up after a REM cycle and thought, “Wow, what an interesting dream!” Instead of writing about it in my journal at that moment, I thought I would easier remember it in the morning and write about it then. Guess what? Yeah, I didn’t remember that dream. I only remembered thinking it was a cool dream and that I would write about it when I woke up. What a bummer, right?! If you have a great dream, don’t make the same mistake I did. Take the time to write it down as soon as you wake from it. If you don’t feel like getting up of turning on a light, you could even just create a voice-to-text email or document and look at it later. I have often found that in the physical act of writing about the dream, I have more insights about the meaning than using voice-to-text. Not to mention, you might wake other people in your household if using voice-to-text. Experiment with trial and error. You really won’t know until you test it out for yourself. We are all so unique so what doesn’t work for one person could be the best way for someone else.

Lucid dreaming is also a great way to connect with loved ones from the other side. I have had dreams were I was able to visit with my beloved (but departed) grandfather. What recently turned me on to studying lucid dreaming again was having a psychic friend tell me that my unborn baby wanted to connect with me in the dream world. A lot of the people in my family are very talkative so it didn’t surprise me that my little Gavin already wanted to talk to me before even coming out of the womb. What a baby! Yesterday was his due date and I am patiently awaiting his arrival! If you would like to learn more about lucid dreaming, check out Charlie Morley’s books on lucid dreaming. I listened to the audio book version of his book: “Dreams of Awakening Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep.” Have you had any lucid dreams?

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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