One Thing Makes All the Difference!

Whether you are trying a new recipe, changing jobs, or incrementally changing your life for the better your support system makes all the difference. That could mean your friends, your family, or a community that resonates with you. When I have doubts and fears crop up with some of the changes I have been making. My friends and family have been there to help keep my faith in the situation and in myself.

Your Support System can help with:

Emotional Support – encouraging words, a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes a cheerleader… or Drill Sargent!

Physical Support – such as their resources including their time, talent, and treasure!

Spiritual Support – sometimes we need someone to help us look at the bigger picture, finding themes for healing, and letting go of the little things.

When and how have your support system team members helped you?If you have not thought of it recently, I would recommend taking some time to reflect about it in a gratitude journal.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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