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Clearing the Fear of Fear!

Everything will be as it will be. I will be doing the best I can at that time. I refuse to worry about the future.

Fear of Failure?

Please don’t let fear hold you back. If you fail the first time, you will learn and do it better the next time. The world needs the gifts you came to share with all of us!

One Thing Makes All the Difference!

Whether you are trying a new recipe, changing jobs, or incrementally changing your life for the better your support system makes all the difference.

Just Do It!

When someone says, “Just Do It” you might think the next words that follow are “Nike”. In this case, I am referring to forgiveness! I know it might seem dull or you might be thinking, “I don’t have anyone to forgive”, but everyone has at least one person or event to forgive. You might even…

Did You Really Just Say That?

Acknowledging that there is more than meets the eye – their judgment might just mean they are hurting too – can be a gateway to forgiving their comment and that person.

Your Inner Power

“There is a power inside every human against which no earthy force is of the slightest consequence.”

Tears of Gratitude

Life is beautiful if you can make the time to observe the beauty, abundance, and love.