What is the Purpose of Life?

While there are many answers to the question, “What is the purpose of life?” The best response in my opinion is love. The purpose of life is to live in love, experience love, choose love even when it seems difficult, and to learn more about being loving. Monday started out great. I was so pleased to spend the morning with my mother. We went to Babies “R” Us and she bought a glider and ottoman for our nursery. I was and am very grateful. Seeing the nursery come together has been such a heart filling experience.

Tuesday, when I ran errands, there was nothing good on the radio. Last summer on a road trip, my husband and I decided to listen to the CD with the mix from our wedding. The CD became stuck in the CD player of my car and has been there ever since. I could have asked the dealership to remove it, but I have chosen not to do so. The songs are all about love and remind me of such a beautiful day dedicated to love. I love all the songs my husband and I chose together. Also, the lyrics to the father-daughter dance almost always brings tears to my eyes. Thinking about how beautiful the lyrics are, I had to send a message to my dad to thank him for the song he had picked. I don’t think I could have picked a better song myself.

The week was not without hardship, but I prayed to stay ground and centered in love. I am not perfect. I am human and I did my best. Wednesday ended with dinner at Zab Thai Kitchen in Loveland. The food was amazing and filled my heart with gratitude. A tasty dinner with a refreshing dessert was wonderful after a rough day. Afterward, I met my husband for a postpartum-ology class at Bethesda North. We are getting closer to the baby’s due date everyday. I am so grateful for the experience of carrying our baby.

Thursday and Friday brought more things to be grateful for and my heart continued to be filled with love. Yoga in the mornings helps me spend time alone with God. I like to practice yoga barefoot in the grass of my backyard. I also spent time giving myself reiki to help stay centered in love. Last week when the weather was really warm, I had experienced swelling in my ankles for the first time in this pregnancy. I set up an appointment to see Gary from The Lightpath Discovery Center and as soon as I did the swelling went away! I had to laugh, but I kept the appointment because with as hard as my body is working to grow a baby, she deserves a treat. Thursday I had my appointment and it was great. Friday was a really productive day and full of more blessings. My husband finished putting together the bookcase for the nursery and updated the hardware on the front door. I am so grateful to have such a helpful partner. To fill this week up with more love, tomorrow I have the honor to attend the wedding of a family member. I am so excited for their journey of martial bliss to begin. What are you grateful for this week? How have you chosen to live in love?

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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