Gratitude for my Parents


This Sunday I saw the date and smiled. The idea that my due date for our first baby was a month away made me grateful. I already love this baby so much. I know this baby will also ask a lot of me, but I thought of how much fun we will have together. The idea made me think of how much my own parents cared and still care for me. My mother once told me as a child, “you will never be able to comprehend how much I love you until you have your own children.” At the time I took it as a bit of an insult as if she was saying I didn’t know how to love deeply. I internally laughed at the idea of Forrest Gump saying, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.” I knew this one just one of those things I would just have to wait and see. I can tell you proudly that my definition of love and my expression of love has grown every year of my life. I can indeed say that the love this baby will receive will be way more profound than what I thought love was as a child simply because I have learned more about being loving.


Little things kept popping up this week that I was grateful to my parent for doing or being over the years. I am glad for my father’s patience, kindness, and “Hug Quota” that had to be filled. I was glad to learn how to be a strong woman from my mother and to stand up for my beliefs. A few days ago, as I spoke with a woman who was missing teeth and had other teeth that were out of alignment, I prayed that woman would receive the dental care she required. I also felt gratitude for all the times my parents took me to see the dentist and the braces they gave me. That same day, as I watched another woman eat with her mouth open, I was grateful that my parents had taught me to eat with my mouth closed. We all have different journeys and preferences so these people are not “wrong”, only different. I am sure their parents were doing the best they could at the time. We all are.


Nowadays, I just can see how some of the seemingly little things at the time are something to be grateful for even years later. As a person that would love to have her scalp and feet rubbed, I can appreciate that we did that in my family of origin. When we would hang out on the couch, we would exchange foot massages. How nice is that? To my husband who is not really a fan of feet, he would say “no, thanks” but he does massage my scalp. Since I love both foot and scalp massages, I hope to be able to teach it to my children and exchange it with them. There are too many other things to list, but I am grateful to my parents beyond measure. Having a baby expands not only your definition about how to love the next generation of your family, but also how to love the generation of your family before you. What kind of experiences are your grateful to your parents for?

Eva Borho, Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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  1. SeiberStyle says:

    I’m grateful for the love my parents gave me when I was growing up. I experienced the same feelings when I had my first baby. These kids sure know how to grow our hearts!


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