So you know a vegan or are thinking about it…

I have been contacted by a few people for guidance on eating a plant-based diet because I am vegan. I have been eating vegan since September 2016. Some people have asked me why and without trying to sound too crazy, I often tell people I received divine guidance to do so. Throughout key points in my life, I have been a magnet for vegetarians and vegans telling me about how their diet helped them feel better. I am an empath so I literally felt the pain the animal felt in itself lifetime and so much anger. I didn’t know I was an empath growing up so I didn’t know why I was in pain and angry at times. I feel healthier since I have switched. Before I was not someone to give much thought about what I was putting in my body. Now, I am much more mindful. Since going vegan, I have more energy and clarity of mind.

If you are thinking about it, but not sure, check out these documentaries:

What The Health



Forks Over Knives


Resources so you know you are getting the right nutrition:

Becoming Vegan

How Not to Die

Vegan Kickstart Program

Also, check out local resources such as a registered dietitian. I just saw this sign a month or two ago at a Kroger’s Oakley Little Clinic.

RD at Little Clinic


Cookbooks people love:

The Happy Herbivore

Thug Kitchen

Forks Over Knives

Isa Does It

The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking


If you are in the Cincinnati area, here are some good restaurants I have been to or heard about which have vegan options:

Happy Chicks and Loving Hut sell strictly vegan food.

Weekly Juicery and Rooted sell mostly vegan food but some menu items add honey and bee pollen in very few of their items (most of which can be substituted with coconut nectar or maple syrup unless already found in pre-made stuff).

Amma’s Kitchen is pretty vegan-friendly, but avoid items with D (for dairy) on their menu.

Kinneret Cafe is awesome for vegan Mediterranean food!

Melt sells a vegan BLT called ATLT. Mellow Mushroom makes the best vegan pizzas! Love Fusian for vegan sushi (just ask them to cut rolls by hand to avoid cross-contamination).

I have heard you could also get a custom grilled cheese/BLT kind of sandwich at Tom+Chee that’s very vegan-friendly.

Also, Sleepy Bee Cafe is great for weekend vegan breakfasts and brunches!

Suzie Wong’s and Singha’s are awesome for Chinese and Thai food.

Elusive Cow Cafe, Shanghai Mama’s, and Ichiban are great for late night vegan-friendly food!

The HappyCow website or app are very helpful to plan where you want to go.


Vacation Idea: Key West!!! (When there is not a hurricane)

I know you didn’t ask for it, but if you are planning a vacation at any point, Key West has delicious vegan options at restaurants. There is one cafe connected to a health food store that is only vegan called Sugar Apple Organic Cafe & Market. There is one that serves half plant-based, some veggie, some omni food called The Cafe. There are delicious vegan choices at Banana Cafe. The pho at Kojin Noodle Bar is so good that the pho at The Loving Hut shouldn’t even call itself pho. There is even another place called Date and Thyme, but I didn’t have a chance to go there. Since my family walked everywhere, we didn’t seem to be near that one when it was time to eat.

Also, since September is Key West’s “slow” month, you can often get deals on flights and hotels. It is their slow season because it is hurricane season and some business owners travel elsewhere for the whole month. That does mean a few places were closed, but there are still a lot open. If I remember correctly, the people on the island believe that Mother Mary watches over the island and they have not had a hurricane touch their island since a wall built as a shine to Mary by one of the religious sisters a very long time ago. Also, if you don’t mind spending the money, The Reach – A Waldorf Astoria Resort has their own private beach. The sand is brought in so it will be soft on your feet (unlike the beach at the public beaches). Let me know if you have any other questions, also as a heads up there is a “bikers” week in September so if you are not a fan of Harley Davidson bikes make sure you don’t go that week. Our last day overlapped with the start of that week. I am glad I went this time last year instead of this year. I am praying for all those impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master

Key West – September 2016

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