But What Does That Sign Mean?

The little things do in fact add up as people know. If we are willing to look for them, we are constantly surrounded  by signs of how loved we are. I had two different people tell me a few weeks ago about their encounters with butterflies as a sign from a departed love one. For them, that is definitely what that sign meant. I knew since both of those people telling me about butterflies was a sign of transformation for me. I was going through a job change at the time and it was my last couple days before a major shift in my life. Signs mean different things to different people and they are supposed to do that. Sometimes, my sister and I enjoy the same meaning for a sign. We grew up in the same household and are close friends to this day.


Signs are very personal. Search yourself to know what they mean to you and it can help your health. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer for each sign. Different people will interpret different events different ways. I have pointed out signs to some people. I don’t know if you have ever done that, but sometimes, they may not like your interpretation. Their dislike of your interpretation does not mean it was “wrong.” Indeed their reaction may mean because they are not ready or willing to hear the message.


I gave one person a message about signs pointing him to take better care of his body. He didn’t enjoy that message, but he was indeed surrounded by that same message from many sources spiritual and physical. He was still working up to the idea of taking responsibility for his own health. He didn’t want to workout or cook healthy meals. Those are work and it can seem daunting to know where to start. There are so many “experts” shouting about how their diet is the best. People have to process signs in their own time. He was much more comfortable with the idea that pills would make his symptoms go away. There are sometimes pills are a course of strategy. Sometimes, our bodies need help to balance their chemicals. I would ask you to ask yourself, what caused the chemicals to become unbalanced to begin with? Is this something that can be managed another way so I could ween myself off the medicine over time? Often there are many unexplored avenues. Sometimes, you just have to go sit alone outside and pray for guidance… then listen. Physical issues are often our bodies telling us that something is not sitting well with us. The energy of dis-ease is causing disease in the body. Have you ever clenched your jaw or your fist, when something at work pisses you off? You can keep your poker face on for others, but your body will always be honest with you.


One of the most interesting things I read was when a man had literally seen every specialist before ending up seeing Dr. Brian Weiss. For those of you familiar with Dr. Weiss, you know he is a world renowned teacher about past life regressions. This client had been in pain for years! After sessions with Dr. Weiss, they discovered the root of this man’s back pain was another lifetime. After surgeries and countless specialists, he finally found the best avenue for treatment of his condition! The pain left him after acknowledging what had happened in another life time. If you would like to read more about it, check out the book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. Not only was this man’s body telling him about dis-ease from this lifetime, but also from another one. I know some people roll their ideas at the idea of past lives, but I like the idea. If something doesn’t go the way you like, you have another chance to heal the situation. At the soul level, this man didn’t like the event which caused his present day life back pain and wanted an opportunity to heal it. Sometimes, these “soul level” ideas can be a bit much to wrap our heads around. Things like this help to fuel the expression “God works in mysterious ways.”


Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master



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  1. Love this story! Sometimes a past-life experience will come forward spontaneously and it turns out to be the key to resolution. A person could go through years of therapy, get all manner of energy healing, perhaps even explore medical answers to no avail. However, if they are tuned into their Guides and follow the bread crumbs, they may very well find the answer was within them all the time. They just needed the right tool.


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