Let in the Awesomeness!

Change can be a scary thing to think about, but change can often open the doors to a better life and awesomeness you can hardly imagine. At the soul level and often at the level of the mind, we dream of change. Yet, sometimes, the ego can block the change with bringing up fears. What if a new job is worse than the one I already have? What if I move to a new house and it has lots of hidden, expensive issues? What if I take a new class, but it’s awkward and I end up sitting all alone? What if…? What if….? Don’t let the ego take you on a wild goose ride. When we dream of change, but do not allow it in our lives, we can actually feel physical pain in our bodies.

Our body is a truth detector and is letting us know that how we are living is not how we want to be living. When people experience pain, often their first reaction is to pop a pill to dull the pain. The pain felt is indeed a signal that something is wrong. The majority of the population has some form of lactose intolerance, but still consume products with cow’s milk. The bodies of those people, could be saying “Hey, this isn’t really working for me. Could you revise your diet? I know it might be inconvenient at first, but it would really help.” The longer we ignore a message from the body, the louder the message can get. I ask you to welcome change into your life. Two of my favorite tools for allowing change are tapping and affirmations.

#1 – Tapping

I am not talking about a type of dance here. I am talking about tapping which is sometimes called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). There are great videos on youtube about it. Check out any book by Nick Ortner. He is the author of “The Tapping Solution” book and his also created a documentary by the same name.

#2 – Affirmations

If you are a not familiar with affirmations, check out any book by Louise Hay! Whatever affirmations you want to say, write them down and say them everyday. You can even record them on your phone and then play them back to yourself.¬†Doing either one or both everyday helps to build the momentum of the energy and you will see changes.¬†One that I say often is “I am changing. I am willing to change.” That one helps you be open to making changes for yourself and seeing changes in others too.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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