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Sometimes, the term self love makes people’s skin want to crawl. The idea of self love can seem indulgent or even repulsive to some because they mistakenly think you are referring to something sexual. We all love others in our life. Even if you are an orphan with no friends, surely you have a pet that you love. If you don’t, go to a local shelter and pick up a new love of your life! Most people have at least one family member, friend, or mate to give love to in life. Be generous with the love you give to others and be generous with the love you give yourself! When was the last time, you did something that would please yourself at the soul level? I am not talking about indulging in unhealthy food or drink. That might please your taste buds, but there is often no soul satisfaction there. ¬†For self-love and soul satisfaction, start by spending time outdoors, be creative, and meditate.

#1 – Spending Time Outdoors!

When we spend time outside, the energetic field around our bodies is cleared. So if you feel stressed, tired, or heavy, go outside! Even if you already feel great, go outside! There is so much energy moving outside that will help to untangle any stale emotions and feelings in your aura. Sometimes, our aura picks up emotional “goo” for other people so spending time outside helps to clear that up. If you are not feeling overly energetic, just sit outside with the intention of being open to healing. When I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy, I felt rough. I wanted to be in as much contact with the healing energy as possible so I just laid in the grass. I knew my neighbors might think I was a weirdo if they looked out their windows, but I didn’t care. Laying in the grass always helped me feel better.

#2 – Be creative!

There are so many ways to be creative so pick something that speaks to you. If you feel like you don’t know how to do anything creative, take a class or a course. Playing music, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, glass-blowing, wood-working, metal-working, coloring, sewing, quilting, gardening, are all great ways to express what is going on inside of yourself. You might create something that surprises you. If you are not sure what you could do, pray about it. There are many angels, including your own guardian angels, which are more than willing to help you explore and develop your natural abilities. Not everything you do has to be art gallery quality or stage performance quality. Honestly, I have been in some contemporary art galleries and though “I could have painted that.” I am not Rembrandt, but neither are some of the artist’s painting I have seen in galleries. The difference between you and people trying to sell their things in galleries could be quite small. The difference is they are willing to put their art out there. To let their creativity flow. I am open to developing my creative skills and having fun. Are you open to being creative?

#3 – Meditate and Visualize!

I know I talk about meditation all the time, but that is because we all could benefit from doing it every day. I enjoy meditating and could easily meditate for 30 minutes some days. Other days, my day doesn’t quite start out the way I intended and I might have more of an issue trying to make the time in my schedule. If that happens, I use the two minutes or less between when I lay my head on my pillow at night and when I fall sleep. When I tell people I am asleep in under two minutes, they often reply, “you’re so lucky!” I have been affirming since I was a kid that I am a good sleeper. In the last year, I have started to affirm that mindfulness dreams and sleep are my super power. You can start affirming the same thing if you would like.

If you are someone who takes longer than 2 minutes to fall asleep than you have time for meditation as soon as you lay your head on your pillow. A lot of times, this time is when people think about what they will do tomorrow, the stresses of the day, or make grocery lists. If you are tempted to do these things, please don’t. If you really have to, keep a little notebook next to your bed and write it down. When we take the time to write down the to-do lists, grocery lists, plans, and stresses, we are able to free up more space in our minds. Our minds are constructed to remember lists so help yourself to write it down to let it go. Once you are down writing it down, meditate. Visualize yourself some place peaceful. Would you like to be laying on a beach? Playing in a meadow with some baby animals? Visualize it happening with your eyes closed as you take deep breathes. You could even visualize meeting a spiritual being such Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or your angels. Meditating is a great way to connect to your highest self, know why you came to earth, and relieve stress. I like to visualize placing all my worries and cares in a basket and then handing the basket to God. Your visualization possibilities are limitless. If you don’t think you can visualize, start with thinking of pictures. The more you doing it, the more your visualizations will become like a movie (rapid moving pictures) in your head.


Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Life Coach, Spirituality Writer, and Holy Fire Reiki Master



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