Tips for Decluttering


The baby coming in October, letting go of clutter is essential right now. I would argue that letting go of clutter is essential for anyone at any time though. Often we have to find the strength within ourselves to cut ties with what those things around our home represent. Yesterday, I took two large bags to Half Price Books. Some of them were old textbooks for when I went to school for massage, some of them where are my least favorite textbooks from when I got my Master’s in Communication. Somewhere just random books off of my shelf that I knew had little reason for me to reread.

Strategies for Decluttering

#1 – Take a picture!

You probably have heard the schoolyard saying, “take a picture; it will last longer.” Pictures can help you hold onto a memory. One of the best strategies to help get rid of clutter that has some emotional attachment to it is to take a picture! Even when trying to let go of the textbooks from the classes that weren’t my favorite, I still felt resistance to letting those textbooks go. It’s not that I didn’t like the classes these books came from, I did. I just wasn’t the best student in the class and there are other parts of communication I excelled more in so I figured it was time to let them go. Not to mention, I graduated 4 years ago. Some of these textbooks might already have a newer edition out. I took pictures so I could remember the memories of those classes and let those textbooks go off of my bookshelf.

#2 – Only Let Go When You Feel Ready

There are some textbooks I would not let go of and that is okay. If there were newer editions, I would want to sit down and read it side by side with the old edition to see what had changed, because I am a communication nerd like that. Even if you are not a bibliophile like me, there are other times when you just know you can’t let go of something and you may not know why at the time. At one point, I was working on clearing out my closet and drawers. This part might be too much information, but there were some underwear that were still in great condition (no holes, cuts, or tears), but they had become a bit too stretched out over time. They were well-loved and the elastic has probably most disintegrated. I could not get rid of them though. No donation agency is going to want old underwear, but I could not throw them away either. Something told me to just push all of those old ones to the back of the drawer and not worry about it. Now that I am pregnant, I am so glad I held on to them. Once I got so far in the second trimester, I just wanted a tad bit more room. I bought new underwear from Motherhood Maternity, but they were not comfortable at all. Do you know what has served me well, those old “just a bit stretched out” underwear. Maybe I will give them up after I am all done having kids. 😉

#3 – Do It Now! 

Once you feel good about something, let it go. Do it now. Drop it off at a place or call to have it picked up as soon as possible. Do it before you change your mind. You might never change your mind, but some people start to go soft on their resolve so let it go quickly. Letting go of things is a great way to clean your home, but it can also help to raise your vibrations. If you are wanting something new in your life, one of the best ways to make room for it is to let old stuff go.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Holy Fire Reiki Master

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