Wait, What? Surprises in Life

     I used to dream about having a daughter. In the first trimester, I was so conflicted. I had dreamed about a girl for ages, but all the signs pointed to a boy.  After the ultrasound we had at 20 weeks, I can confidently tell you I am pregnant with my first baby… and it is a boy. One of my psychic friends senses the third baby I have will be a girl. Only time will tell. I just figure her soul must be the loudest “talker” from the other side. Maybe she was sending me dreams so I could get on having the two that come before her. I know she will be such a sweet and cuddly baby. I have held her in my dreams. Those dreams were so lucid that I can remember holding her in a pink, fuzzy blanket more vividly than most waking memories. 


     We often sign sacred contracts at the soul level before we come into this physical life. Those sacred contracts help guide important events like career (your calling if you are brave enough to accept it), offspring, and marriage(s). I put the ‘s’ on marriages, because some people have planned to have multiple spouses throughout their life which would best support what they are working toward accomplishing this lifetime. Others choose one partner for an entire lifetime as their plan. We ultimately still have the free will choice to fulfill the contract or not. Some things are just “meant to be” though so part of you will want to do it even if you don’t know how or why at first.

The feeling will just keep coming back up until you do something about it. The urge can be suppressed because there are people that make sacred contracts to do awesome things then don’t do them. This resistance can make their life seem difficult because it is like a fish swimming against the current. I ask you to be bold enough to stand up for your calling in life or stand up for having another baby. Stand up for what you know is calling you. Those big sacred contracts are always finding their way to us if we will just open ourselves to receive them.

If this topic is of interest to you, check out the book “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss. In the first chapter, Myss talks about how she initially had resistance to the career she would end up having, but her sacred contract won out. What do you think your sacred contracts say? Tell us in the comments section below. Contact me with questions, if you would like.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Empath, Intuitive Writer, and Holy Fire Reiki Master

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  1. Susan Sharkey says:

    I apparently have signed many many scared contracts. I had 6 biological children brought in through IVF. Fleeting moments but very powerful. 7 foster children that I’m positive were contracts as well, and many more children to come in. I feel I understand the expression Written in Blood, because when God puts something like this into your heart that’s what it takes to fulfill.


    1. I agree! I met one woman years ago and she kept getting the intuitive message that she was the “mother of many”. I could see that for you, Susan. I know you have such a good heart. God has many children that need more love in their lives. I am glad you are a foster mother!


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