Dealing with Change

Tuesday I received some news about a change. The whole situation was something I was aware of but figured everything was in good hands so I was not worried. I am still not worried even though things didn’t turn out the way I expected. I know something better is coming down the pipeline for me. I just have to keep the faith and be patient. I put in the work and I am open to receiving the rewards. Sometimes, you just have to play the long game and don’t sweat the small stuff.

What do you when you receive news of change that could be seen as difficult? What I would recommend is what I ended up doing. When I arrived home shortly after hearing the news, I did a meditation and then took a shower. You could do them in either order though. Showers help to cleanse your energetic field so ideally you could do that first. Since it was the end of the day and I am pregnant, I did the meditation first to gather enough strength to stand in the shower. I thought about taking a bath, but felt so tired that I didn’t know if I could wait for the tub to fill up with water. Meditation is a great way to bring more light and energy into your body. The last suggestion is sleep! Since I am pregnant and have always been a good sleeper, sleep came to me naturally. Sometimes, when change is stressful our bodies are going through a lot so it is nice to allow your body time to process the new information.

Sometimes in life, we get nudges. If we don’t listen to the nudges, we get a gentle push. If we don’t respond to the push, we might just get a shove! I know I went trough ever stage of this at some point or another. Sometimes, a change can be the start of something beautiful and new.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Writer, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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