A Love Note to My Baby Due in October 2017

To the sweet little boy growing in my belly:

I was overjoyed from the moment I saw the line on the pregnancy test saying you were with me on Valentine’s Day morning! I couldn’t wait to tell your father. I woke him up at 4 in the morning and gave him a gift to let him know we were pregnant. I am 26 weeks now. I won’t lie to you, the first trimester was rough some of the times. I know the experience was for the best. The morning sickness and fatigue helped to expand my compassion for what other mothers might go through. I was grateful that my mother was willing to go through the same for me.

The last 10 weeks have been fantastic! I am so grateful to be able to keep down my food. Not to mention being able to practice meditation and yoga again have been great! Feeling you kick in my belly has been a blessing over and over again. I love you more than words can say. I look forward to seeing your little smile, running my fingers over your hair and giving you kisses all over. I know life will never be the same once you arrive. Your father and I, really the whole family, are joyfully looking forward to your arrival.

The nursery has been painted and the nursery furniture has been picked up. We are making space for your joyous arrival. I will see you in October or early November if you chose to stay in a bit longer. Will you be a Libra or a Scorpio? I am curious to find out! I have been making a list of name ideas from a large book and soon, your dad will go through the list with me. In the last few weeks, I have bought some pillows and a blanket for the nursery. Of course, I had to buy more baby clothes too! I am looking forward to you wearing them. I know you will be so cute! Your cousins are looking forward to meeting you. Just the other day when I was leaving your Aunt Liza’s house, Bennett gave me a hug goodbye and then gave my belly a gentle pat. As Bennett smiled, I knew his loving pat was a hug for you!

I cried most of the time while I wrote this love note to you, but that is the way our family expresses ourselves. You will find we cry when we are sad, but we cry when we are happy too. Sometimes, I laugh so laugh a tear or two will come out. Our family is loving and affectionate. Bedtime stories and snuggling are a requirement. I will still want to snuggle with you when you are a grown man with children of your own. I know we will work together to bring more light into the world. Thank you for making this journey will me. I know it will be a good journey. I love you, baby!


Your mom (Eva)

P.S. The below pictures are of your dad and me when you were 20 weeks! We both subconsciously chose to wear blue that day! We knew you were a boy before the appointment and you showed us right at the beginning of the ultrasound. The second picture is what you looked like at 20 weeks. We love you so much.

20170530_Parents of Baby Borho 1 - 20 weeks

20170530_20 weeks - Baby Borho 1

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