Energy Vampires – Ew, but Read This!

Energy Vampires. It’s a real term. Some people for whatever unconscious reason (feeling unworthy, ideas of scarcity, guilt, jealousy, etc) will drain other people’s energy (or attempt to) instead of realizing the energy of God/Universe/Source is available for all of us. They just want to take it from others instead of drawing it in myself. Some people might say, “Well, since this energy is available I can just get more. I don’t mind letting them take some of mine.” Clear, cancel, and delete that thought. Learning to protect yourself from energy vampires can teach them a lesson of getting the energy themselves. Either that or they will find someone new to steal energy from or both. Similar to the old idea, why catch fish for others when they can do it themselves; teach them.

The best option to deal with Energy Vampire is not to be around them and to learn about psychic protection for yourself then use it daily. Physical distance from an energy vampire doesn’t necessarily stop them. Physical distance with help you feel less drained, spend time in ways that honor you, and help lessen the emotional impact the energy vampire has on you. Why I say it won’t necessarily stop them only lessen the impact is because we communicate at a soul level and an energy level in addition to face-to-face interaction.


At the energetic level, energy vampires can attempt to drain energy from you like a vaccum or a blackhole. This is why psychic protection is essential to learn. Psychic protection can be as simple as visualizing yourself in an egg of golden light. Some people like to use the visualization of being in a bubble of light. Purple light is the best for psychic protection. Make sure the bubble or egg completely covers the area above your head and the area below your feet. Know that no physical barrier such as a floor, wall, or ceiling can stop your energetic boundary. If you have an interest in learning more about psychic protection, check out Doreen Virtue’s book: Angel Medicine.

At the soul level, this energy vampire and you might be working out old karmic ties, are stuck in an old karmic echo of past happenings or something else because there are other explanations personal to each person’s journey. What is important to know and embody is the concept that your energy is your own. Yes, in spiritual truth we are one, but we all choose to come take separate bodies and work through lessons and explore ideas. You are worthy of taking up space. You are worthy of respect. You are worthy of giving and exchanging energy in a loving way. You do not have to tolerate energy vampires. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that we are worthy of the choice that best honors us. Sometimes, people make choices because they believe they “have to” but you are free to make the choices you want. The only catch is you have to live with the impact of your choices. Things will often turn out better than you can image. Start today with psychic protection and make choices that honor you.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master



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  1. Great read! I’ve always called them ‘succubuses’ 😉


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