Simple Divine Guidance

For years, I kept receiving the guidance to have a garden. Since I was renting a house when I first received this guidance I didn’t know how to put the guidance into action. I didn’t know if the landlady would approve of it. Honestly, the landlady was my mother so it was less about what she would actually say and more about the fear I had of what she *might* say. If I didn’t ask, I could just assume she would say “no” and play the victim. If she said yes, I would be on the hook for figuring out how to create a garden. Honestly, I was not sure how to have a home garden at all. When my husband and I moved into our first home last spring it felt too rushed to put a garden in that year. Perfectionism is a delay tactic from the ego though. This spring we finally have a garden! Sometimes, the answer to our prayers can be to let go of the details. Honestly, I visualized handing the details over to God. A home garden ┬ácan be the answer to a person’s prayer for less expensive, organic produce. I know the items we grow are cared for with love which is important to me.


I didn’t realize for this case handing all the details to God would mean giving my husband complete freedom and responsibility to work on the whole project the way he wants it. He had done 99% of the work to set up the garden and maintain it so far. Nathan taking charge of the project also answered another prayer. I had been praying that both my husband and I would spend more time outdoor. While I do yoga outside every morning for 20-25 minutes, Nathan was less consistent about spending time outside. Working on the garden has helped Nathan to definitely spend more time outside.

We are still working on making everything the way we want it. Nathan added an irrigation system to the garden with a time so it goes off automatically ever morning. He also added netting for deer. I do enjoy sharing abundance, but when the deer ate our tomato plants down to nubs in one night, we decided to take action to protect what little was left. Though this divine guidance was simple and small to start out with by listening we opened the door to more divine guidance. What kind of divine guidance have you been receiving lately?

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Intuitive Life Coach and Holy Fire Reiki Master

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