Deceased Loved Ones Celebrate with Us!


A book arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to open it! My husband and I are expecting our first child this October. The first trimester was rough, but as soon as I started receiving distance reiki from a reiki master my health was transformed! I tried to give myself reiki, but between the queasiness and throwing up, I was exhausted and normally fell asleep a few minutes in when I would give myself reiki.  We have waited to think about baby names until we find out the sex of the child. We figured if we wait until we know the sex of the baby we are eliminating almost 50% of the options. We are efficient like that.


Since I know some people will want to know about when we found out, I found out we were pregnant on Valentine’s day.  A week before that, I had a feeling that I was pregnant so I ordered a t-shirt for my husband, Nathan, with the design “Achievement Unlocked: Fatherhood” since he is a gamer. I secretly washed it, wrapped it up, and put it in the drawer in our basement where I knew he wouldn’t look. After I took my test at 4am (I keep weird hours sometimes) on Valentine’s Day, I retrieved the gift and woke him up so he could unwrap his present and learn the news! So you can imagine I have been waiting a long time for looking at baby names. The ultrasound is next week so I want to have the book on hand for when we find out!


Though the baby names book arrived in the mail yesterday, I opened the package this morning. I opened the book to a “random” page, but everything about the moment was divinely guided. As I scanned the page, realized where my thumb was pointing! My thumb was pointing to the name of my grandpa Perry who passed away in 2008. He often sending signs of his presence! I moved my thumb down a pinch when I took the picture so you could see the whole description, but my thumb was literally under the name Perry. I can’t even tell you the countless number of times he has sent songs on the radio and spoken through people that didn’t even realize they were being a loving channel for the other side! Our departed loved ones are always sending love and comfort to us whether we realize it or not. We are always divinely guided and supported.

20170525_0616 Perry

When have your loved ones sent you signs? Comment below or send me a message. I love hearing these stories!

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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  1. They send us signs all of the time, we just need to pay attention or not be distracted. It is always interesting picking out baby names. I struggled with one of my children’s names when it came to a deceased relative. I struggled with the idea that my child should have my aunt’s first name, as her middle name, in honor of my aunt who had passed away. (My aunt was also my Godmother.) I really agonized over it and at some points felt guilty about it. Guilty if I used it – would I offend other relatives, (i.e. my Aunt’s daughter, in the event she wanted to use the name someday), and guilty if I didn’t use it. I eventually asked this question during a reading I went to when I was pregnant and my Aunt came through. She cleared this matter up for me as her message was, well, she was honored that I was considering her name, however my child had her own path in this lifetime to travel and that it was OK to give her her own name – meaning don’t worry about using my Aunt’s name. I felt so much relief after hearing this, but was so touched at the same time.


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