Your Happy Place & The Future You


One of my reiki mentors years ago told me years ago about how important it is to meditate and meet your future self in five years. She recommends doing this visualization once a week. Some of the friends I shared the idea with liked imaging themselves in ten years and how their life would be so different. Outside of my little group of friends and my reiki mentor, I hadn’t really heard anyone talk about their future self in a significant way. Recently, I saw a clip of Matthew McConaughey’s 2014 Oscar acceptance speech for the first time. He stated, “There’s a few things, about three things to my account that I need each day. One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.” He talks about each one and gives his reasoning. He described God as the one his looks up to, his family for something he looks forward to, and himself in 10 years for someone to chase.

I like this idea, because it always keeps you moving forward. I know sometimes the best way to make a decision to keep doing what you are doing or to make a change is to imagine that in one year or five years everything is the same as it is now. Are you happy? Was that a good way to spend your time? If the answer is yes, keep doing what you are doing. If the answer is no, go do something else that has the potential to impact your happiness and long term satisfaction with life. Some changes can seem difficult and feel like wading through waist high water, but if what you want is on the other side of the water, keep moving forward. Standing on the opposite side of the water looking longingly at your goal helps you know what you want, but getting in the mess of the water gets you closer. There are a lot of ways to do things, so maybe wading through the water is not the only way to do things. Don’t spend your life wishing for a boat to get you to your goal. Either build the boat or find another way across.

If you have any interest in doing a meditation of meeting yourself in 10 years, I would first start with meeting yourself in the garden of your higher self. If you had a happy place what would it look like? My happy has always been an open meadow lined with mature trees. For some people, their happy place might be a beach, a forest, mountainous terrain, snowy wilderness, or a desert. Since we are all unique our happy places will be unique too. Start in your happy place imaging what it looks like and feels like. What is the temperature? Can you feel the sun on your face or are you in the shade? What kind of animals do you see? You are completely safe in this happy place so all the animals are safe too. You see a small child playing and realize that it is you! How do you react to this child? I always scoop the child up giving her lots of kisses and hugs. Even if this act of self-love doesn’t seem natural to you, hold the little you to your heart until you absorb this radiant version of yourself. This child is how God sees you as an innocent, lovable explorer. Absorbing this vision of yourself, puts you into a higher light and higher vibration. After you have absorbed your highest self, you explore an area beyond your happy place. You come to realize this is your home in five (or ten) years. Your future self meets you at the door joyfully and gives you a quick tour of the place. Afterwards, you sit down and ask your future self “How did you get here?” Sometimes, you might hear actual words but sometimes just a knowingness or energetic download comes to you. Your future self thanks you for coming by and asking you to come again. Know that by visiting your future self you are being giving the next step on the path even if it seems irrelevant at the time. Keep working towards your dreams. Take larger projects and break it into manageable smaller tasks. You can do what your heart desires! Visit your future self once a week. Pick a day of the week and set a timer on your phone like a conference call. Make yourself a priority.

Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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