But How Does Your Body Feel About That Decision?

At times, it can be difficult for us to believe in ourselves. A person might think there are obstacles in their way. Sometimes, there are and sometimes, the only obstacle is a figment of your ego’s imagination. Some obstacles are there to keep us on the our best path. Perceived obstacles can be creations of the ego, but are in fact not really there. The ego wants to delay us from our life purposes but it is important to practice discernment. The skill of discernment is learning to judge a situation well. Sometimes, there can be many options. The practice of discernment is to learn whether or not you are attracted to something. People can get caught up in the ideas or whether a choice is “right” or “wrong”. I have done it myself and I wrote about this idea before in my post “Everything is Permitted.” Whatever you chose, you have to live with the consequences for better or worst. The true discussion should not be is it “right” or “wrong”, because you are not be graded but someone in heaven. The true discussion should be “how does this feel in your heart?” and “how does your body feel about this decision?”

As we grow spiritually, our body is also on its own journey of spiritual growth. When you are making a choice, think about how your decision feels in your body. When you pick one of the options, how do you feel? Were you clenching your jaw? Is you hand balled into a fist? Does your stomach hurt? If you feel ones like that, I would say part of you is resistant to that choice in some way. Perhaps it angers you, frustrates you, or is just not in alignment with your higher self’s plan at the time. Sometimes, change can scare us and we feel it in our bodies. Even if it is a good change, you might be scare to move into the unknown. Really take some time to figure your feelings out, a balled fist could be anger… or determination to fight for a cause close to your heart, you are the only one that can decide. Pray for guidance to make the situation more clear and be open to signs in whatever form they take.

When I prayed about something in the past month, one of the choices kept coming up in my thoughts. I believed this specific option was triggered by fear. Specifically, this was the fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of failure… and success. I asked God if that was the case and literally the next word that was played in one of my Words with Friends game was FEAR. I didn’t play the word, but that was the word sent to me by my game partner. I knew it was a confirmation of what I was already thinking and the fact that the sign popped up in less than a few minutes was a strong indication for me. I want to be brave. I want to take some risks not only to create a better life for my family but because I have a unique services to offer others. I want to use my gifts to offer God and the world my service. When you think about it, how are you using your gifts to help serve? Please leave a comment below or send me a message! Sometimes, we serve God unknowingly like my game partner did with me in that example.

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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