One More Thing to Help to Live a Better Life!

After my recent post, 3 Things to Help You Live a Better Life, I received some feedback from readers saying “Where was Reiki on your list?” For me, reiki is a given, but for some people they might not even know what it is or where they could go to receive a session so for time’s sake, it didn’t make that article. Yoga, meditation and working towards your dreams seems like some things everyone might understand and be willing to implement. If you are not great at meditation or you don’t know if you have the patience for yoga, reiki might be a great place to start though. Not only is reiki relaxing, but it helps to cut down on mind chatter. Learning reiki helped me deepen my meditation abilities and be persistent in my self-care routine of daily yoga.

You might still be scratching your head saying, “but what is this Reiki?” Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese relaxation technique made known by Mikao Usui, but has ancient roots. Hawayo Takata, often called Madam Takata or Takata Sensei, brought Reiki to America. When presenting Reiki to others, she changed some facts about its background to give it more appeal to Christians and link the practice with hands-on healing like Jesus did. Current day practitioners such as William Lee Rand have corrected the history of reiki by traveling extensively and finding historical evidence to support Reiki’s true history. Through the history of reiki might have been misconstrued for a time, the benefits to a person’s wellness are beyond measure. Receiving reiki helps people move past blocks (real or imagined) and helps one have better energy flow throughout their body helping to prevent disease, aiding recovery time, and often decreasing pre-existing pain.

Reiki is such a gift that can help you connect with your higher self. What did you come to this planet to accomplish in this lifetime? What are your gifts and natural abilities? Learning reiki has taken me on a wonderful journey of self exploration and ultimately more happiness and health. I know some part of all of us wants to be happy, but we don’t always know what happiness would look like for us. Let the journey of reiki surprise you in new and fun ways.

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