If you do this, you will feel better!

So you might be asking what “this” is and the answer is being creative! Everyone is unique so I can’t tell you what to do exactly, but take time out everyday to create something. We already co-create the life we have around us, but do something to express yourself. Every once in a while, my mother reminds me that sometimes when I was little I would spend all night or a good portion of the night working on something. Since I was quiet and had my own room, my mom would not know until the morning when I showed her my creations. Once I used a sharpie to “tattoo” my WHOLE foot from the ankle down. Another time, I used some card stock and tape to create glasses for all of my stuffed animals. When I got slightly older, I would burn candles and use the different color waxes to create interesting images on paper. No one told me to do these things, I just did them. In her youth, my sister created figurines out of aluminum foil. She did other things too, but this one always stood out to me simply because I don’t think it is something I would have ever thought to do. I liked what she did though and asked her to make some I could have.

As adults, people don’t always allow themselves to do as much creatively, because if it is not a masterpiece that will sell for lots of money it might feel like a waste of your time. I ask you to give yourself permission to create regardless of what the end project looks like. We are creating with the intention of expression and the end result is less important than the journey so don’t put that pressure on yourself. There are so many times of artists and people who appreciate art that I ask you to create something that feels good to you. I ask you to put away technology for a bit and become one with your chosen medium. Sit down and ask your art supplies what they want to become. I see so many people with their faces glued to their smart phones looking online at what others have done. Take the time to do something great for yourself. You can choose to post about it later or not, but be in the moment and let that creative energy come through you. Letting yourself create is like letting open your mind, body, and soul’s stress relief valve. You may not have known how much you needed that time to create until you do it. Some creativity is like preventive maintenance for your health and you may never be able to quantify how good it was to you, but know that creating is time used wisely. Creativity is vital to good health and good energy flow throughout the body. Letting our emotions come through us is important and you might even put things on paper, canvas, or any other medium that you didn’t even know where inside you waiting to come out. Being creative can help your release blockages you didn’t even know where in your energy field. What will you choose? Painting, Pottery, Glass making, creating with metals and enamel, woodworking, creating “Batik” fabric art, drawing, or many more! Please take the time to create something this week that feels good. Share your projects in the comments section or send me a message!


Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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  1. Bhagyashri says:

    Well said… Nice picture support for writing…


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