Power Animals and Diving Timing

     I truly do believe in Divine timing. Early Saturday morning I was awoken and compelled to write about something that happened over 3 years ago. Writing about it was heart-wrenching but I guess it was time to let it go and heal. Fortunately, I went to the Victory of Light Expo hosted in the Sharonville Convention Center. After having cut open this festering emotional wound, I was able to go see two healers that I have worked with before and trust. I worked with Tom the Healer and his partner. I believe her healing practice is called Heel To Toe or something like that, but I forgot to grab a card and I am not always the best at remembering names. Anyway, the whole experience was well-timed and very much needed. I know that my time healing with Tom and his wife were an answer to my prayers.
     What I didn’t know was that the seminar I would attend would also be an answer to my prayers. I saw Adrianna Lesniak from Mystic Connections host a workshop. In the workshop we learned a sacred healing symbol, had an opportunity to practice on a fellow workshop attendee, and she let us in a guided meditation. That guided meditation was definitely an answer to my prayer. She told us that people typically have seven to ten spirit animals that they work with for spiritual development. I had never heard that before and was glad to know it. I had heard about the general idea of a spirit animal, animal totem, or power animal. Although I know the bear is my primary spirit animal I’ve always felt drawn to deer, hawks, owls, otters, dolphins, lions, and… lately, geese. I was glad to hear I could have more than one. The guided meditation that she walked us through introduced us to a new spirit animal that we needed most at that time. Although I thought it was an interesting choice, before we started the guided meditation I knew that I would be meeting a badger. I am sure the animal chooses you not really the other way around so I am open to what this badger is willing to teach me and to help guide me through.
     If you are not familiar with which spirit animal you are working with, the clues can often be found in our environment. Look around your house for any themes or reoccurring animals. When I looked around my house, I found a lot of bears. The whole thing reflection made me think of the bear collection I created as a child. Later when I was in high school, I created a vase with bears on it. The majority of the bears I have are brown bears. Are there any animals that people just have to give to you (whether you still enjoy it or not)? When I reflected on it I could see it in my family. I have one aunt that has a pig figurine collection, she started with one on her desk and eventually, she ended up with a office full of pigs because people loved to give them to her. My grandma is a magnet for frogs and my sister is a magnet for turtles. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, I believe these people that are magnets for certain animals are trying to create a deeper connection or more conscious connection with their spirit animal so their spirit animal is sending them physical tokens such as figurines, magnets, or coffee mugs. When I thought about it some more I realized that once my mother came back from a business trip and long story shortened, I ended up with a bookmark shaped like a bear. If you are a minimalist, you may not find many clues in your environment to help you figure it out. There are also fun quizzes to point you in the right direction. What are your power animals? Share in the comments below or send me a message.
Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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