Crystals Can Help with Anything!

As one of my co-worker told me about her trip to a Himalayan Salt Room in North Carolina and buying a couple crystals on her trip, I had to smile. She told me those experiences made her “feel like Eva”. I liked that enjoying the benefits of Himalayan salt and buying crystals reminded her of me. If there are a couple things, I would want people to associate with me it would be focusing on wellness and being true to yourself. I love my Himalayan Salt Lamp. I also love crystals so to be true to my nature, I tell people that I think would be open to it about their benefits. Crystals can help anyone move closer to a state of happiness and can help with any other loving intention. Working with crystals has helped me live more joyfully, gratefully, abundantly, and even infused my wardrobe with more colors! Before I had a lot of black and gray in my closet. After the introduction to crystals, I started buying more colorful items over time! I had not even realized they were the catalyst for the change until I went to a short class about crystals and the teacher confirmed that the crystals helped her have more colorful clothing and actually enjoy wearing dresses. I had not thought of that correlation before, but when I reflected on it, I knew it was true.

Crystals are helpful for your work regardless of what you do. There are so many types of crystals that the applications are endless and there are crystals out there just waiting for you to find them. Since I work as a healer, I often keep crystals on my person to be as effective as possible. I like to wear amethyst over my heart center as a shield to help keep my heart open despite what is going on around me. Our heart chakra is our most powerful chakra and we are all best served by it remaining open at all times. Often our heart centers closes in times of stress, confusion, uncertainty, and disruption to the “norm”. This closing is to a form of reflex-like protection, but when you work with crystals, you can help to keep your heart open or help it re-open more quickly. The world could use more people coming from a loving place instead of a place of fear. We make our best decisions when we have loving intentions from the heart. So honestly, I would recommend everyone tuck a piece of amethyst on the end of a long chain under your shirt if you don’t want people to see it or in their bra if they wear one. You could wear it on a regular necklace. I already have a clear quartz that I wear on a necklace so that real estate is already spoken for and that was why I first tucked it into my bra. Years later, I found out Doreen Virtue also puts crystals in her bra as a shield of armor too!

If you are interested in crystals but not sure where to start, go to a local metaphysical store if you know of one. Often the people working in a specialty shop would have knowledge of what they are selling and you can ask for recommendations in regards to your intentions. You could ask something like “What would be the best stone for overcoming ___________?” or “What stone could help me with ___________?” In Cincinnati, twice a year we have the Victory of Light Expo and vendors of all sorts are there. My favorites are often the vendors that sell crystals! Amethyst is a great starter crystal. I also love citrine and rose quartz. Just like everyone has staples in their wardrobe, I feel like those are staples in any crystal collection. When you get home with your new crystals, read up on how to cleanse and charge your crystals then do it. How have crystals helped you? Let a comment below or send me a message!

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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