The Healing Presence of Animals – Part II

InĀ The Healing Presence of Animals, I talked about my cat specifically, but I wanted to give a little bit more general information about animals so you can know more for your pets or animal visitors. The biggest thing that can stand in the way of a human living her or his life purpose can be an ego. Animals do not have egos. Animals like cats and dogs only fear abandonment and punishment. Those fears can effect their behavior. When I first learned this fact, I though of my cat Freya who I adopted. When I went to the shelter, all of these cute kittens were adorable and I petted almost every cat in the room. When it came time to choose, I prayed for help in choosing the cat that was the best fit for our family. Literally, it was like a spell was cast and all the other catsĀ fell asleep. One cat that was only six months old but fully grown, stretched up and pawed against the cage she was in. I knew that sweet orange and white beauty was my cat. I don’t think I will ever forget the sight of her in that cage. She was so sweet and I could not leave her there. Of course, a cat from a shelter might have experienced the fear of abandonment. If an animal is yelled at or struck, they will have experienced the fear of punishment. Like humans, animals bodies store this trauma until it is healed.

Our pets are constantly healing us and taking the excess energy we can’t or won’t consciously deal with. They are little earth angels. I started to notice that when I was having trouble with my left ear, my gray cat Thor started to rub since left ear raw. I prayed for help and healing for my cat and me. I gave my ear chakras reiki to help in the healing process. When spending a lot of time with a person, animals can become unbalanced from worry, stress, anxiety, insecurity and other challenging energy they pick up. Animals love us though so they willing take on that burden to help us transmute energy and heal. I know some veterinarians do not like indoor/outdoor pets because it can put them at risk from being attacked by other animals or disease, but going outside is a great self-healing technique for animals. I would recommend some precaution with taking some pets outside though. When my sister and I were young, she took our green anole lizard outside. His name was Jumpy so it may not surprise you to learn that he… jumped away into the green grass. Despite our best efforts we could not locate him. With animals like that you might just want to have them visit the outdoors in a carrying case that a breeze can pass through. When you take them outside, hold the intention that you are both receiving a spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing.

Healing yourself can help heal your animals. Remember that when you make time for self-care you are helping those around you as well. When you take good care of yourself through meditation, yoga, or reiki, you are helping to become a better friend, family member, and co-worker. You can also work directly with your animal using reiki or dowsing. If this is the first time you are hearing about dowsing, but are interested to learn more, you could check out the book The Divine Database by Doni Schultz. I used the audiobook and the pdf that comes with it. When I was first guided to learn about dowsing, I had to get over some preconceived notions I had about it. The author walks you through protective visualizations and oneness prayers and I found those to be helpful. L-rods are a common dowsing tool, but are not comfortable for me so I use a lapis lazuli pendulum. When I use dowsing on my cats, I can tell they like it. They often go from sitting to completely laying on their back with their belly exposed. I would recommend reading that book though before experimenting with dowsing so you are practicing in the most safe and effective way for your pet. Dowsing and reiki can help to clear the animal of his or her fears of abandonment and punishment. Spiritual or emotional cleansing can seem like a chore for some people and they think, “What’s the point?” Well, I like to think of the analogy of a shower, just because you are going to get dirty again doesn’t mean you should not bathe regularly. Similarly, you could say, “Why should I eat? I will only get hungry again.” The answer could be eating serving a very important and is vital for the body to function properly. Spiritual and emotional cleansing such as reiki and certain kinds of meditation help move the energy though the body. If this is not done regularly, energy blockages can form and disease can manifest in the body where the energy blockages are located. Remember to take good care of yourself and your pet with spiritual cleansing.

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher



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