Can You Meditate Too Much?

If someone asked me if a person could meditate too much, I would probably have said “No” until this weekend. Normally, I like to do 10-25 minutes of meditation a day when possible. Some days I only make enough time for a mindful minute. This Sunday I had the second half of my Animal Reiki Class and meditated for a combined time of almost 2 hours. Before taking the class, I was not sure how Animal Reiki would be any different, but it is very different. When I practice Holy Fire Reiki, I am acting as a conduit for the client to draw in Holy Fire Reiki. With Animal Reiki, since we cannot assume consent, the practitioner instead is focused on “Being reiki” and inviting the animal the share this healing space.

For the second day of Animal Reiki class, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens to practice what we had learned the day before. I was conflicted about going to the Zoo. Having animals confined in small places is just sad to me. During our practice sessions, we shared reiki with 4 different types of animals. I spent time with the Red Pandas, Cougars, Lions, and Hippos. Each session lasted 20-25 minutes. The Red Pandas were very open to sharing reiki. When I started all 4 were in the half of the enclosure closest to me. They were playing and eating. After I set the intention to invite them with the healing space I created through meditation and “being reiki”, the Red Pandas curled up in the trees and started to nap. I saw a lot of green which makes me think of the heart chakra.

When I offered reiki to the cougars and the lions. I saw a lot of colors, but mostly red, orange, and yellow which makes me think more of the earthly chakras. When I offered reiki to the hippos again I saw green. Seeing the animals react to sharing the reiki was great. One of the biggest signs was that they would get sleepy. I love animals so it was nice to share reiki with them. The whole day was overcast and as soon as I left the zoo, the sun came out from behind the clouds even though it was almost 5 o’clock.

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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