Take Charge of Your Life!

A few years ago, a friend had me borrow the book, “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life’s Work” by Kevin Carroll. Looking back at that time, that short book was exactly what my friend and I needed to read at the time. The author stood up for himself and choose the life he wanted. At the time, my co-worker and I were both working a job that we knew was not our lives’ purpose. The job itself was okay and paid “well enough”, but at the end of the day it was a lot of frustration. The place had lots of turn over and I believe it was partly because that job was a very small slice of a process. We never saw the end user smile with gratitude or say “Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for!” I know I am being picky here about job satisfaction. Some people are just glad to have a job that puts food on the table, but I wanted more. Some days I would think, “they don’t pay me enough to deal with this crap” and days like that were what made me want a change.

After being at this job for a while, during our slow times at the office my co-worker and I would have deep philosophical discussions. I told her one time that I just didn’t see her at this job for much longer. She was such a gifted athlete. She helped to train people for free in her spare time. She also volunteered as a sports coach for children.¬†At first, I thought of her as a personal trainer, but it just didn’t fit her personality. As I talked to her about it, I briefly saw a vision of her in scrubs helping an elderly woman. I knew she had to be physical therapy or maybe occupational therapy. I didn’t tell her about my vision specifically, but I told her that physical therapy seems like the right fit for her passion – part motivation, part science. I knew she could light a fire under someone to help them on their healing journey. Fast forward a bit and she is in school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant! How cool, right?!

One of the spirituality books I read talked about the idea that people are here with us on earth to help us learn, have fun, and work out issues. Also presented was the idea that sometimes people are unknowingly reading the script we hand them. I could pat myself on the back for seeing that she was going to be working in physical therapy but I really believe that God was just working through me to have this conversation with my co-worker. I was reading the script crafted by God and the higher self of my co-worker. The higher self meaning the majority of my co-worker’s soul which is in heaven with God. This higher self is whole and complete, outside of time and space. This higher self is helping its extension living on earth complete its divine mission. Since we all have free will, not everyone is a great script reader and sometimes their ego can set them in another direction. If you don’t like what people are telling you, look at the script you are handing them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could physically see the script?! You can see the script from the reality you have manifested around you. For example, if you have the belief that no one loves their job, then you will not love your job no matter where you go. If you believe that people are always out for themselves, you will attract the people that will read that script to you. Instead of continuing to live this belief, a person could simply change their belief to the idea that “there are many kind people in the world and I am always greeted by caring people” and then that becomes that person’s reality if they truly believe that. Trust me, I have have examined the patterns in my own life and changed them by editing my beliefs. Faith can move mountains.

If you have a challenge in your life or something you are not happy about, this is where you can start. People often suffer from depression or anxiety because they don’t feel like they have a choice. They feel beaten down by what they ought to do or are disappointed because they believe others are not doing what they “should” be doing. Please remember we are all always doing the best we can with the resources and knowledge we have at the time. Be patient with yourself as you correct and re-correct the statements you tell yourself. I have seen the changes made for myself and others so I know this can be done. Share your success stories in the comments!

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master



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  1. Nice post! I’m relating a lot to the job situation, but am currently seeing a bigger path being paved with each day. I too have been in some bad places and wanted to share with you (and any one else reading this) a book that really has helped me, I know this is starting to sound “preachy” but I really do feel I am helping anyone by telling them about this book/Author. Its called “Your Power of Natural Knowing” by Vernon Howard. He has a way with words that is straight forward as if he is speaking to just you. Check it out, it has really helped me see and think about myself and life differently and take up some spiritual responsibility that has been lacking in my life. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for the wisdom!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to check out this book!

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