Secrets, Secrets are No Fun!

Sometimes, a person can find a partner helps to balance them out. I cannot keep a secret. My husband is like Fort Knox when it comes to keeping secrets though. He keeps secrets with ease. He works in Research and Development so keeping secrets can be an important part to his work. I, on the other hand, went to school for communication. I value honesty and have never been great at even just omitting the truth because that still feels like lying. Obviously, I was not meant be a secret agent in this lifetime, because living a lie would be next to impossible for me. When I was two years old, my mother told me that we were giving my dad a VCR for his birthday and said “but shhh… it’s a secret.” I told my dad we’re getting him a VCR for his birthday, but “shhh… it’s a secret.” My parents thought it was funny so I wasn’t in any trouble for sharing that secret.


I was laying on the couch a couple days ago when I declared to my husband that he was like Fort Knox for keeping secrets. I added “I don’t know what I am like, but I am not like Fort Knox.” He replied without missing a beat, “You are like WikiLeaks.” I had to laugh at how quick his response was and how true the comparison felt. Fortunately, I am a writer so honesty is important. I always want to share the truth and I always want to give people the full story no matter what that looks like. I am an open book. What’s the expression? Writing is easy – Just cut open a vein and bleed onto the page. It’s something like that. Now when I said that a partner could help balance a person out, I meant it. Since I have a difficult time keeping my own secrets, God sent me Nathan to help me keep other people’s secrets. The knowledge of a secret can weigh me down. I do want my friends to be able to confide in me, but depending on the severity of the secret, I have to tell someone else to get it off my chest. That someone is always Nathan. When I go home at the end of a day, I tell my husband, Nathan, who will never tell anyone else. He is my secret lock box. The secret don’t seem to weigh him down at all so I appreciate his service of letting me unburden myself. I always tell him that he cannot tell another person and I know he keeps that promise with ease. He knows what service he is providing. I am grateful that he helps to balance out my “leaks secrets like a sieve”tendencies. Nathan was the answer to my prayers in many aspects. I know when I prayed to God as a little girl asking for help to keep secrets that God was listening. I had to wait many years to meet Nathan, but he was worth the wait.

Can you keep a secret? How does your partner balance you out? Share in the comments below!

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher


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