More Than Meets the Eye


Sometimes, things can be frustrating and you might get upset with yourself or others. You might be thinking, “They could have done better” or “I could have done better.” In spiritual truth, we are always just doing the best we can at that time and with the information we have available. Last week, I spent most of the week laying on the couch. I pulled something in my hip area while I was doing yoga and my body responded by putting me in a proverbial “time out” while it mended itself. Standing was painful so I just laid on one side of my body then the other side.

My mother came over a couple days in a row to rub my back in the morning. My sister came over at the end of the week to clean my house. After the hour or so she spent, my kitchen and bathroom were so clean! Though I was very sad to be laid up on the couch, I was glad to have such helpful and loving people in my life. I had to be okay with receiving help, because I definitely needed it. I spend my time trying to be grateful. Though I wanted to beat myself up for pulling something during yoga and then not being able to leave the couch, I knew I really was doing the best I cold at the time. Sometimes, an activity can be like the “last straw”. My body must have required some downtime for repairs and growth. Be gentle and forgiving to yourself and others. So much more is going on than meets the eye. The more energy work I do and the more time I spend trying to listen to my angels, I know there is WAY more than meets the eye. Sometimes, we require rest before a period of growth. Be kind to yourself and others. You might just be able to take off in flight.


Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher


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